Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 RTM!!!

Today we announced that Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 have RTM’d (Released To Manufacturing).  Cool hey?  You can get the round up from the respective teams blogs here… Server 08 – Vista SP1 – I’m really excited about the Windows Server 2008 release, especially with Hyper-V now not far from release…


UC Voice Ignite – Instructor

I’ve been asked to be an instructor at the Unified Communications Voice Ignite workshop in Kuala Lumpur.  It’s running from the 11th to the 15th of Feb.  Here’s the blurb… Microsoft’s Unified Communications (UC) Voice Ignite is a 5-day technical workshop for partners who are proactively mobilizing their IT, Networking, and Telecommunication professionals to deliver…


OCS Edge Deployments

Ok, so we know the OCS 2007 Edge Server Deployment Guide has heaps of great details on how to get your Edge deployment up and running, but it can be a little confusing, especially around some of the different firewall scenario’s that people have.  Some people have plenty of external IP address, some don’t have…


Long Time, No Blog

Wow, so I’ve just realised it’s been a couple of months since I’ve been blogging.  Things have been pretty crazy lately, with Christmas/New Year, tons of work going on, renovating rental properties, blah blah blah. Well now I’m back, so expect to see some more content coming soon.