Only 24hrs in the US till I saw this…

What’s this twitter thing about?

I’m trying to get my head around Twitter.  I’m all signed up if anyone wants to follow me, not that I’ll have much interesting going on, but if you want my site/name is  Let’s see if I can get it working hey.

Long time no blogs

So things have been pretty crazy of the last couple of months, hence the lack of blog entries.  Things have calmed down now, sort of, so hopefully I’ll find more time talking to the world… or anyone that will listen.  Personally a lot is going on, new house etc, you can catch up on that…

Virtual Machine Library

How cool is this, ever wanted to find all the Virtual Machines we have for download for you to try out Microsoft products like Exchange, Biztalk, Vista, ILM etc etc.  Well here is the one address you’ll need to find all our VHD goodness…   Technorati Tags: Virtualisation