Is Your Mobile Phone Another Vital Organ?

Well, turns out mine is.  I'm in Sydney this week for the Unified Communications Voice Ignite workshop (and going to KL next week), and I forgot to pack two very critical pieces of hardware.  Firstly, my Western Digital 250Gb external drive.  Usually, that little thing goes everywhere with me.  Secondly, but what turns out to be most critical of all, is my charger for my Samsung Blackjack mobile phone.

I did bring my spare battery, but that didn't last long at all, so I've been going since about 12 noon yesterday without a mobile phone.  As it turns out, I use that little puppy a lot more than I thought.  It's got my email, contacts, calendar, notes and a bunch of other stuff that a standard Windows Mobile phone has these days.  It's only when your forced to go without it that you realise how much you've come to need it, and I need it bad.

So I've been roaming the streets of Sydney the last two nights trying to find a store with a charger, but to no avail, so for one more night and day I will be phone-less.  Seriously, I feel like I'm running with one piston down without my phone.

So finally, to end this rather pointless entry, I'd like to send out some thank you's:

  1. To Samsung, for making a great, neigh, absolutely awesome phone, with a completely useless non-standard USB connection.  I have my USB cable with me, but turns out it's only good for syncing, not charging.  Great.
  2. To all the phone stores in the Sydney CBD, for not stocking any chargers for the Blackjacks.  Apparently they aren't that popular.
  3. To my wife, for running to the post office today to post me my forgotten items, thanks darling.  smile_teeth
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