Free Exchange 2010 eBook

Get your free copy of the "Exchange 2010 – A Practical Approach" eBook by Exchange MVP Jaap Wesselius… All you need to know about Exchange 2010 Getting started What has been removed New features added Exchange Server 2010 and Active Directory Exchange Server coexistence Server roles


Office 2010 – The Movie

Awesome work MS Marketing!!!  This is what all tech ad’s should be like…

Mobile twittererer? Try Twikini

I’ve been exploring a more synchronise communication tool lately that you may have heard of, it’s called Twitter. The one thing I’ve struggled with is the need for a mobile client, but I think I’ve found the answer, it’s a nifty little Windows Mobile app called Twikini. It’s simple yet has all the features you…

Live Mesh for MacOS & Mobile

Noticed on Nick’s blog we now have Live Mesh clients for Windows Mobile and MacOSX.  Check out his full post here… Live Mesh: MacOS, Windows Mobile | Or to get your mobile meshing straight away use your phone browser to go to Technorati Tags: Live Mesh


OCS 2007 R2 Announced

Ok, I know I’ve not blogged much lately and this post is a couple weeks behind, but it’s worth noting for historical reasons at least.  🙂 On October 14 we announced at VoiceCon in Amsterdam the upcoming release of OCS 2007 R2.  For the full announcement check this out… I’m really excited about this…

Photosynth is cool

How cool is Photosynth!?!?!  We come out with some cool technologies sometimes, and this is definitely one of them.   Share this post :

Daylight Savings Changes – October 2008

It’s that time again, when Daylight Savings changes need to be applied.  Please read the guidance below and make sure you don’t get caught out…   In October this year, we will again be experiencing Daylight Savings changes in Australia. These changes can have a significant impact on business performance if not dealt with proactively….

BlackBerry Client for OCS 2007

How cool is this, now there’s a OCS mobile client for Blackberry’s.     Check it out here… BlackBerry – BlackBerry Client for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Share this post :

OCS 2007 Edge Planning Tool

Great new tool to assist in planning OCS Edge deployments.  Check it out here… Here’s the blurb… The Edge Planning Tool asks questions about your proposed or current edge server deployment. The tool uses your answers and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 best practices to generate the following reports: Settings that you can use…