Use PowerShell & azcopy to copy files from one Azure Storage account to another

I needed to build a script to copy files from one Azure storage account to another.  The storage accounts were in different subscriptions – but using the access keys meant this didn’t matter.  All the files were in a single folder, and there were millions of files.  I only wanted to pick up and copy the -video-…


Fetching your Azure core count limit for each region using PowerShell (ARM)

azure core limits by region
azure core limits by region

With the move to Azure Resource Manager, it looks like the core-count limits are now per-region-per-subscription instead of just per-subscription.  How do you find out what your limits are? I was asked that question, so threw together this PowerShell script to give us the answer: Add-AzureRmAccount $regionlist = (Get-AzureLocation).Name $limits = foreach ($region in $regionlist)…


Free IT Pro Tools to help you build your Cloud Career

                                                           Cloud technology is transforming how you do your job. Keeping up with the necessary skills and trends is more important than ever. Microsoft is introducing two new free programs for IT Professionals who want to build and grow their career in the cloud-first world: Microsoft IT Pro Cloud EssentialsA FREE annual subscription that includes…