Office 2010 users receive an "An Unexpected Error has occurred.." while trying to IRM protect content.

UPDATE: This issue and a related Office 2010 application hang was fixed with the following patch: Description of the Office 2010 hotfix package (Mso-x-none.msp): December 11, 2012 Please let us know if there are still issues AFTER installing this. ==================================================================================== So you installed KB2584066. You’re minding your own business trying to RMS protect some content,…


Helping customers, help themselves /w IRMCheck Pt. 1

Download the RMS Toolkit from this location: This contains an invaluable tool called IRMCheck, that you can run on the clients, that will give you an excellent rundown of where a problem may lie with a client that cannot read RMS protected content. When trying to use Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) and Office…


How to get a passport account, without a MSN, Hotmail or Live account

A while ago I tried to sign up for a passport account using an e-mail address other than a Microsoft provided one, and seemed to end up nowhere. Here is a link that will allow you to register a non Microsoft provided e-mail account for the Passport service. Apparently that was only a temporary thing….


Something special for Mac users. Get your IRM on in Office 2011 for Mac.

Finally. All you Mac users can IRM protect your Office content with Office 2011 for Mac. If you want to start playing with this functionality you need to install SP1 RC (I suggest installing it in a test environment), on your WS2008 R2 RMS server. This will give you a sweet file in your certification directory called…


New Version of IRMCheck now available.

You can get it here. IRMCheck Wow….I have no self-humoring comments to make? I guess its time to head back to the mountain summit to self-enlighten. -Jason


Tip o’ the day: 12/05/2006 – Moving your RMS SQL Dbase to another server.

Problem: Your new boss decides that he wants the key machines within your forest to now be professionally named with a purpose, instead of using the funny office names you currently have like ‘DuckButt’, and ‘PickleMonkey’. Maybe you got a new server, and need to move everything onto it, or maybe your old RMS server is becoming…


GigaTrust. Holy awesome product line, Batman!!!

I recently made a trip out to Washington, D.C. to check out the new products that GigaTrust has been working on.  For those of you who don’t know, anyone that is familiar with RMS knows that GigaTrust provides the best extranet hosting solution out there. They can provide RMS capabilities for a company, without actually…


Where have all the IRM templates gone for the XPS viewer?

You may or may not have noticed when protecting XPS documents, that the usual list of RMS templates under the File>Permissions section is missing, even though you can see the templates in your other Office applications. Just like the Office applications, the XPS viewer requires that you set a registry key in order to display…


This concludes our broadcast day. Goodnight.

Well it had to happen eventually. Yes, sadly I’m moving on from the world of RMS, and on to new things. I will miss working with such a great bunch of customers. You have made the last 6 years of working with this product, such a great experience, and I’ll miss working with all of…