AD RMS Server Returns HTTP 500 (part 2)

I am seeing more ways to get an HTTP 500 error out of IIS… I do want to go on record and point out that when IIS configurations prevent RMS from working it really isn’t an RMS issue. I concede the point that you don’t care why your RMS isn’t working, you just want it fixed. I’ll help as best I can.


In earlier blog entries I pointed out two separate cases of the 500 errors when trying to get to the RMS server.

  1. SharePoint 2010 and IRM Integration
  2. AD RMS Server Returns IIS 500 Errors

Both the earlier instances had a common cause – the client SSL settings in IIS. In this new case we have a whole new symptom and cause, with the 500 error playing a key role.

Check out the wiki entry, AD RMS Console - "You cannot access the AD RMS administration service at this time" for all the details!

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