What’s shiny, and new and smells like pumpkin pie?

Well if you happen to log onto connect, and download our new MSIPC and GFP bits...and are also eating some pumpkin pie, then I guess the new stuff we just released fits that criteria (assuming you have a shiny machine).

Anyone who knows about and uses ADRMS is pretty awesome, so as a reward I am inviting you all personally to join the connect site, and download some of the latest, greatest stuff in the ADRMS space. (Actually anyone can do it...but I wanted everyone to feel special today, and I didn't have enough money for flowers @}--- ).

So here are the instructions to improve your awesomness by being one of the first to try out the new stuff.

First you need to log onto connect and go here:


Then you need to click the 'join' link next to "Rights Management Services SDK".

Once you've done this you can go here to download two new items:


MSIPC Beta (for all you application designers):

The new Rights Management SDK (MSIPC) provides a simple mechanism for developers to create applications that author and consume rights-protected content.  As part of a major effort to reduce complexity and streamline the development process, the entire API surface has been redesigned from the ground up to enable the natural evolution of RMS capabilities without breaking applications.  This “write once, run anywhere” philosophy means that MSIPC applications are guaranteed to work on all supported RMS topologies and are compatible with all supported RMS servers (V1 SP2, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2). 

Perhaps most notably of all, MSIPC eliminates the need for developers to write thousands of lines of specialized code in order to discover RMS servers, download and use RMS certificates, and manage RMS identities, greatly simplifying the integration process.

GFP (General File Protection) Explorer:

The new Generic File Protection Explorer GoLive CTP2 is Generic File Protection Explorer CTP2 that allows you to work with Rights Protected Folders. A Rights Protected Folder is similar to a file folder in that it contains files and folders. However, a Rights Protected Folder controls access to the files that it contains, no matter where the Rights Protected Folder is located. By using Generic File Protection Explorer CTP2, you can securely store or send files to authorized users and control which users will be able to access those files while they are in the Rights Protected Folder.

 Let us know what you think!!!


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