What’s shiny, and new and smells like pumpkin pie?

Well if you happen to log onto connect, and download our new MSIPC and GFP bits…and are also eating some pumpkin pie, then I guess the new stuff we just released fits that criteria (assuming you have a shiny machine). Anyone who knows about and uses ADRMS is pretty awesome, so as a reward I…


Another day…another poorly written script. Checking the MemberOf attribute.

OK. So I had the need to write a script that pulls the memberof attribute of a user. I needed this script because there was a suspicion that the reason the customer in question could not open content as a superuser is because the RMS Service account doesn’t have permission to read the memberof attribute of…


Office 2010 users receive an "An Unexpected Error has occurred.." while trying to IRM protect content.

UPDATE: This issue and a related Office 2010 application hang was fixed with the following patch: Description of the Office 2010 hotfix package (Mso-x-none.msp): December 11, 2012 Please let us know if there are still issues AFTER installing this. ==================================================================================== So you installed KB2584066. You’re minding your own business trying to RMS protect some content,…


New Version of IRMCheck now available.

You can get it here. IRMCheck Wow….I have no self-humoring comments to make? I guess its time to head back to the mountain summit to self-enlighten. -Jason


Pushing the limit of mail recipients.

This is an oldie, but a goodie, and we get enough calls on it to warrant a blog post. Picture the following scenario: You are sending an email with your favorite secret brownie recipie to a few friends at work. You decide to protect the email (it’s a secret after all). You begin typing people…


More RMS survival tips and tricks from the mind of "The Uwe".

Thanks to Uwe Wizovsky, my German brother from another mother, for todays ADRMS survival tips. HiHo, Tip 1: Faster is better. I recently had a strange issue with a customer. We were seeing a performance issue (very slow response when trying to obtain the service location) with RMS/ADRMS when the customer had more than one RMS Server and were using some sort of hardware…


Your revocation has been revoked…sort of.

I recently had a call regarding revocation lists. My favorite topic because I really don’t get too many calls on it, and don’t know a lot about it. What we discovered is that revocation lists on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is actually completely unsupported. (Yes..even though there is a revocation option in the…


Cross Forest SuperUsers – How it’s done.

Heres the scenario: You have two forests we will call ForestA and ForestB.You have an RMS server in each forest, and a two way trust setup between forests. You have a group of users in both forests that need to be able to be SuperUsers in both organizations. Solution: You can only assign an AD…