Performance issues with ADRMS talking to SQL 2008 Server.. by "The Uwe"

This message is brought to you by my friend Uwe Wizovsky from our Microsoft Germany site:


Hi Everyone,


I came across an issue with ADRMS having performance issues talking to a clustered SQL 2008 back-end database server.


The client would randomly see the error message "The service is temporarily not available".


We did the test with a local UDL file on the ADRMS server to test connection speed to the SQL 2008 and had delays of up to 2 minutes.


This negatively impacted ADRMS in that way that it caused time outs in the communication between ADRMS and the SQL Server and therefore whatever the client wanted to do failed, no matter if it was opening RMS protected content or creating RMS protected content (due to the bootstrapping process).


In the end we needed to disable the advanced TCP/IP settings in Windows 2008 to resolve the issue:



Receive side scaling (netsh int tcp set global rss=disabled)

Autotuning level (netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled)


In the words of the customer: "the SQL connection is not only working now as expected, it is running now" 😉




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