Something special for Mac users. Get your IRM on in Office 2011 for Mac.

Finally. All you Mac users can IRM protect your Office content with Office 2011 for Mac. If you want to start playing with this functionality you need to install SP1 RC (I suggest installing it in a test environment), on your WS2008 R2 RMS server. This will give you a sweet file in your certification directory called…


Office AdminTemplatePath GPO headache.

OK. I’m kind of tired of taking this call, so its time to blog on this one. You want to push a GPO out to your users that specified the path to the RMS templates. User Configuration\Microsoft Office 2007\Manage Restricted Permissions\Specify Permission Policy Path set this to %localappdata%\Microsoft\DRM\Templates like a good little doobie. You…


RMS Templates named in GUID naming convention instead of a friendly naming convention.

You’ve created RMS templates. You’ve dumped them to the drive to distribute. You look at the templates, and they have a name resembling the following: TMP-O6tlI;egFP6rLDCPLUPNXXxt5YKU=-4Ew62WVSylQ8;ePhl9Yc9N0kB;eRI=-{6d9371a6;k4e2d;k4e97;k9a38;k202233fed26e}.xml Wow!! Say that 10 times fast. So let’s say you actually aren’t a robot, and want to see the names in a happy naming format like: Do Not Forward.xml So…


Why is my blog so ugly now?

Apparently we moved from wherever we were, to wherever we are now, and now I’ve got alot of work to do. Hopefully we’ll correct alot of this soon.   -Jason


A MOSS by any other name is not the same.

OK. I’ve seen this question asked enough that it warranted a blog post. Sharepoint has many different flavors. There is Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services (MOSS) – Enterprise – Not free, Windows Sharepoint Services – Free, and Sharepoint Foundation – Free…and whatever other flavors of sharepoint that exist. Many people notice that in the free versions of…


Performance issues with ADRMS talking to SQL 2008 Server.. by "The Uwe"

This message is brought to you by my friend Uwe Wizovsky from our Microsoft Germany site:   Hi Everyone,   I came across an issue with ADRMS having performance issues talking to a clustered SQL 2008 back-end database server.   The client would randomly see the error message “The service is temporarily not available”.   We…


Nothing but a grey screen shows when trying to activate your IRM Live ID

I had a customer call today that had several users trying to activate IRM using the LiveID/Passport Service. It would go through the regular UI, and then come to a grey screen and hang. I took a wild guess, and got a network trace to see if the UI was actually an embedded website…sure enough….


New RMS Update. Get it. Love it. Live it.

An update for RMS has been released. Please read this article, and make sure you have automatic updates enabled. Also read through the article to find which OSs can be updated via Windows Update, and which OSs you need to install this manually on. I HIGHLY recommend installing this update. It addresses a bunch of…


The best tutorial in the world…EVER…on ADRMS logging.

One of the RMS product group members, Peter Gilson, put together this ADRMS logging tutorial. I asked him if I could post it to my blog, and promised that I wouldn’t pump it up, or make crazy unfounded claims about what is contained within this video. So without further ado, Ladies and gentlemen, the number one…