Tool to determine the validity dates of your application manifests.

As I’m sure many of the people subscribed to this blog have realized, it is important to be able to discover the validity dates in your application manifests to determine if and when a particular cert-chain will expire so you can take appropriate actions prior to the chain expiration. Here is a tool that you can…


Cannot Open Office 2003 Documents Protected with RMS

================================================= UPDATE: The following patches are available to correct the issue noted below. For now you need to call support (1-800-936-4900) and reference one of the below KBs to obtain them, but it will be a no-charge incident. Keep in mind that you *must* be up to Office 2003 SP3 in order to install these hotfixes. (Office…


Passport users may no longer be able to open RMS protected content from Enterprise RMS installations.

Ok. So it appears all kinds of funkiness with the passport service has caused problems with any organization that has decided to trust Passport based RACs. So….in order to correct the problem, you will need to re-apply that trust to your RMS installation, so you can obtain an updated TUD cert from the Passport service. Please note…


New videos available around ADRMS

Hey check it out. Apparently we released some new videos surrounding ADRMS: Coolness! -Jason