Learning about ADRMS. Finally….

I know it was about a year ago, I promised that I would put up some training materials for ADRMS. Well I will be teaching some support engineers at Microsoft about ADRMS, and how to support it. Part of this class (which will be available to customers at some point) contains lab materials. I recorded myself going through most of the lab materials, and explaining what I was doing along the way, so I could time them, and make sure the environment was working properly.

I screwed up a couple times during them, and the audio lags a bit in the demos (I used Demo Builder), but if you are self-loathing and want to watch me go through this lab environment and be annoyed by my voice for a few hours, here they are.

First Demo:
Doing it all wrong - So to train CSS engineers, you need to be able to show them how someone can completely screw up an environment, so they know how to help people back out of it, and get into a 'best business' state. So I show you how to screw up your environment in this one, including how to activate a MOSS server against RMS...even though you will need to re-do it once we fix things.

Second Demo:
Why this is wrong - In this demo we discuss why setting up your environment as previously discussed is "bad", and show some examples.

Third Demo:
Correcting the problem - In this demo. I show how to back out of this bad state, and still be able to open content created against the old installation, while working with new content.

Fourth Demo:
Correcting the other problems - In this demo I show you how to clean up other problems you may have left over from the incorrectly deployed environment. We fix your MOSS environment in this one.

Fifth Demo:
RMS Templates - In this demo, I show you how to create RMS Templates, discuss why you should use templates, and how to deploy them. I also show how to speed up your demo environment, with a GPO setting one of the PG members gave me, that corrects a certificate chaining issue you'll have when using RMS in an environment with no internet access.

Sixth Demo:
Other ADRMS Features - In this demo I discuss RAC policies, Exclusion Policies, Security Policies, and the other creepy things that exist in ADRMS.

Seventh Demo:
ADRMS Super Users - In this demo we discuss super users, how to set it up, and why you would need them.

Eighth Demo:
ADRMS and Exchange 2010 - In this demo I show you how to IRM Enable Exchange 2010, to allow OWA IRM functionality, as well as Transport Rules. It is still in beta, but you can download it from the MSDN and start playing with it. I don't cover *all* of the IRM functionality like journaling, and E-discovery, but we cover the activation.

Ninth Demo:
ADRMS and ADFS Integration - In this demo I show how to setup an ADFS trust with another forest, and setup ADRMS to use this trust do users in forests with no ADRMS server, can create and consume content with your organization. I run into a few problem with this lab, because I forgot to add the 'fast' GPO setting, and one of my user rights on the RMS server blew chunks...but hey...you need to know what to do right?

I need to add two more to complete this. Group Expansion Across Forests, and Windows Mobile. I'll be adding those next week.

Hope this helps someone.

I just registered IPCGodz.com so if you can get to it today, it should be ok within 24 hours.



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