Liquid Machines. They hurt my brain…and I liked it.

I had a chance last week to attend a demo given by the people at Liquid Machines. I always like to see what our partners are offering, so when we have customers asking us for a list of what partners provide groovy add-ons for RMS, I know who has what. Well Liquid Machines has got *alot*. In the two hours I spent watching the demos and asking questions it really left my brain spinning with not only the number of solutions they provide, but the crazy amount of granular functionality built into each solution.

Let's start with their MOSS protectors. This thing can protect 400 different file types when you check them out of MOSS. For people that don't like the default behavior of MOSS, which only allows the user who checked the content out of MOSS to have access to it, Liquid's protector allows the person checking it out to share that content with other users that have access to the document library.

Need to mass protect content that is in a file share? Well, their Fileshare Gateway can do that with ease, and again....400 filetypes. Holy !@#$%!

Their Document Control Client handles Adobe PDF files, Acrobat files, and even older versions of Office. Extra cool points for allowing copy and paste to other documents, while retaining the original policy on the pasted data. You can also do real-time policy updates, so you don't have to redistribute data if you need to add people to or bump people off the access list for the content. Want to have a default policy applied to newly created content? They handle it. They even have a command line tool for all you cranky old admins that want to apply and remove policies 'old skool'.

Of course they have their famed PDF viewer, a lightweight, limited version of their full featured viewer. Their full featured viewer can securely view 400 file types, including a slew of graphic files. I can't even count to 400.

Their Document Control Center is slammed with features that allow you to control document policies, users, view auditing data (like seeing who has been printing, opening, editing) as well as, limiting who has access to what pieces of the control center for granular delegation of duties. They also have a reporting dashboard for this that gives you a graphical view of all your data.

They have a Blackberry solution that allows Blackberry users to consume RMS protected content. Seems like a pretty slick solution for organizations with a big patch of Blackberry users (he he he). If it weren't for this terrible Blackberry allergy I have....

They also have an archival gateway for scanning, decrypting and re-encrypting content for virus scanning, or when your lawyers need to lay the smack down. They worked with Symantec E-vault to come up with the adapter that allows decryption of RMS protected content for e-discovery.

...and on top of all this, they have a rich API set that allows you to write custom applications that uses the functionality they provide.

Some really nice people, delivering really nice solutions.

Check em' out at.

..and wear a helmet.



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