Click-through Demos. They’re the cats pajamas.

So, I'm here is Seattle for Tech-Ready this week and I'm talking to my buddy Cristian Mora who is the TPM (Technical Product Manager) for IDA technologies. I'm telling him how cool it would be if we had some click through demos of the RMS technologies for doing hands-on-labs etc. He proceeds to inform me that he already made a whole bunch of them, and then opens a folder on his hard-drive with the holy grail of RMS click-through demos.


So I say's "Hey mang! Do you mind if I post some of these to my blogosphere so people can see what's up?"

To which he replies, "No, mang! Thats what they are for.".

Then he also gave me a copy /w license of Demo-Builder. Ohhh.....the things I can do with this. I can provide an entire user experience of setup and everything without the overhead of massive amounts of hardware and hard-drive space (over 50GB in our last lab) , licensing issues, expired certs, products needing to be registered, unaccounted for problems that you *always* run into with hands-on-labs. Nothing but a clean user experience, without getting side-tracked on unrelated nonsense.

Kudos again to Cristian Mora for building these.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    For those of you that don’t know, the ADRMS development team actually has their own blog. They have been

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