Error message when e-mailing a link to an IRM protected document in MOSS.

The MOSS support team recently ran into a customer issue, where the customer would send an e-mail to another user that contained a link to a file on a MOSS server that was in an IRM protected document library. The user trying to open the resource would receive the error:

"Cannot Open the File. Internet Explorer Cannot Download <FileName> From the <SiteName>."

Turns out that the problem is due to a setting on the IRMd doc IE Cache Control:No-store.

To workaround this you can set the following key on the client machine (will affect all users).

HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings

If you only want it to apply to the logged on user, then you would put this setting in the HKCU hive instead.

Thanks to the MOSS engineers (Jose V.) who sent me the information about this one.

Now I have to get back to drilling the oil well in my backyard. My Makita cordless drill doesn't seem to be working too well. Perhaps I need a longer drill bit.


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