Using a SQL Cname on WS08, when provisioning RMS

I thought (and a few other people as well) this particular subject warranted a blog post, instead of just a comment I made a while back to a poster.

As a matter of best business practices, I have preached over and over again the importance of using cname records for your RMS cluster url and your SQL server name when provisioning RMS, for disaster recovery purposes. In fact this weekend I beat a guy up that didn't believe wait..that was Chuck Liddell who did that on UFC 79. Me and Chuck kept telling Wanderlei, ' need to use a cname record', but he said you didn't, so Chuck helped show him why, by giving a demonstration of why disaster recovery is so important. 🙂

Anyways, with WS08 someone threw a monkey wrench into the works that requires a little 'redneck engineering' to overcome for the time being.

If you try to use a cname record for your SQL server instance (assuming everything is on WS08..UPDATE: Actually you need to do this if it is SQL on WS03 as well), you will find that your SQL server will promptly ignore your request to call it by anything other than its proper given name. To force your SQL server to play nice with the peasants, and accept whatever name *you*, oh master, decide to call it by, you need to set the following registry key on the SQL server (which may also be your RMS server) before provisioning:

DWORD: DisableStrictNameChecking
Value: 1 (Peasant/Play Nice) 0 ('Big Jerk' Mode)

NOTICE: You *must* bounce the machine after setting this value. (Thanks Andy!)

Hope this add more life to the hair you may still have!



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