Have a heart. Search the internet and make money for your favorite charity or school.

So here is a blog post that has nothing to do with RMS, and that I just ran into...well sadly today...and thought it was worth posting.

You can make money for your favority charity or school by simply using the live.com search engine located here http://club.live.com/searchandgive.aspx.

You have to use a search engine anyways, and this is for a good cause, so why not, and I've actually seen a major improvement in the live.com search engine, where I'm getting better results now than with the big 'G' search engine.

So while I see alot of people trying to make money for themselves redirecting traffic (sometimes in a very un-ethical manner), here is a search engine that is actually giving back.

Give it a try, you'll be helping someone else by simply trying it. You just may end up liking it as well.


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