For Sale: Everything you ever wanted to know about RMS

Price: 1 Soul. :)~

Actually, I'm planning on putting together a short series of videos going through the ins and outs of RMS. I'll post them here as I get done with each series.

People seem to understand alot better when they see it, rather than read it.


Note: I was joking about the 'for sale' part. They will be free. I have enough souls, (my nestegg of souls if you will) from the last sale that will last me a very long time.MUHAHAHA!!!

UPDATE: Some of you may have noticed that I still haven't posted these. Well, in between work, family. and my Tuesday and Thursday MMA (mixed martial arts) sessions (to which I am now the proud owner of a black eye, broken nose, broken pinky toe, and chipped tooth), I've had little time to finish this project. Hopefully the upcoming spring break will lend me some time to finish some of these. Patience grasshopper! Grab the pebble from my did that too fast!! I wasn't ready! Best out of three, grasshopper!

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any idea when this will be launched?

  2. Anonymous says:

    As these things have to be done on my own time, and not much of my time is my own, I’d say before the end of Jan 2008.


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