How to get a passport account, without a MSN, Hotmail or Live account

A while ago I tried to sign up for a passport account using an e-mail address other than a Microsoft provided one, and seemed to end up nowhere. Here is a link that will allow you to register a non Microsoft provided e-mail account for the Passport service. Apparently that was only a temporary thing.

This is good if you want to have your RMS environment trust Passport RACs, so you can send content to people outside your organization.

Remember trusting the passport service, *you are allowing people to send RMS protected content outside your organization*.


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  1. rida says:

    vb vvvvva

  2. rida says:

    vb vvvvva

  3. fregie palan says:

    i want 2 get passport but how?

  4. Jodie says:

    I want to get a email aadresss

  5. Luningning Malate,Lisay says:

    i want to get my paassport… i get it????help me pls????

  6. mady says:

    i need my password back..pls help me on this…

  7. George says:

    ned my password

  8. jocelyn erederos says:

    I want to get passport …..pls help me

    And how to get it..where..or how..

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