Where have all the IRM templates gone for the XPS viewer?

You may or may not have noticed when protecting XPS documents, that the usual list of RMS templates under the File>Permissions section is missing, even though you can see the templates in your other Office applications.

Just like the Office applications, the XPS viewer requires that you set a registry key in order to display the templates.

Here is that key:

Key: HKCU/Software/Microsoft/XPSViewer/Common/DRM
Reg_Sz: AdminTemplatePath
Value: <path to templates>

 BTW: This may only apply to the XPSViewer for Vista. I need to check.

Update: I checked this on XP, and you in fact can *only* use a Reg_Sz value, which means you can't use environment variables.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Read the post again. I updated it with new info. Unlike Office, the XPSViewer has no way to handle anything besides Reg_SZ values, which means you can’t use %environmentvariables%


  2. Anonymous says:

    I too can’t get this to work on Vista.

    Regmon shows XPSViewer.exe successfully querying the key/value created as per Jason’s post above, but after it reads the admintemplatepath value, it never queries that directory for the XML-based template files.

    I’ve tried both a UNC path (to the RMS server template share) and also to a local path (C:temp, where I copied the template file), but XPSViewer never queries the directory.

    Has anyone ever gotten this to work?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been digging all over the internet looking for a way to get XPS Viewer to pickup the templates used by the other office applications.  I was thrilled to finally find your blog.  

    Unfortunately the solution is not working for me (on xpsp2). I created the key as outlined but no templates were picked up.  I thought perhaps it wasn’t expanding the environment variable so I then renamed the old key and created a key of type REG_EXPAND_SZ, this crashes the viewer when you click on the permissions button (apparently it lacks security permissions to expand the environment variable in ie7).  I reverted ack to the REG_MULTI_SZ string and gave the full path to the templates.  Still no luck.

    Any ideas?

  4. SarahD says:

    I tried to figure out how to push this out with group policy on Windows 7, but I'm having no luck so far. Any suggestions? Would it be supported as a REG_MULTI_SZ on Windows 7 so it can work with the Windows 7 scheduled tasks to pull down templates?

  5. SarahD says:

    Sorry, I meant would it be supported as a REG_EXPAND_SZ to go with the task… (Even if I set it manually, I can't get it to work as a REG_EXPAND_SZ, so I'm guessing the answer to that is no.)

  6. Indunil says:

    i don’t know about old information’s, but you can use environment variables as mention below site, create registry key with REG_EXPAND_SZ ( instead of update, select to create ) and give environment variable data for value

    for me it’s working,

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