WTF – How do I renew my RMS SLC (Server Licensor Certificate)?

Right about now, alot of the early adopters of RMS are probably noticing some strange events in your event log either alluding to the fact that your SLC (Server Licensor Certificate) is about to expire, or worse...RMS had stopped working and you see this:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: RMS
Event Category: (1)
Event ID: 18
User: N/A
Computer: XXXXXX
The server licensor certificate has expired. Install a new server licensor
certificate to enable the server to accept new license requests.

You may frantically flail your arms about and run around in circles screaming like a third grade girl* (thats what our admin does anyways <jk>), or you may get out your handy dandy technet, and start searching, and probably come up empty, which is when the panic, cold sweats, and diarrhea kick in.

Relax my readers, it is quite simple to renew the SLC. It is actually one of the easiest things to fix, but alot of people can't seem to figure it out for some reason. It may be 'too obvious'. All you have to do is open the RMS Admin console, click on 'Administer RMS on this website', and right there on the front page, below the Cluster URL information is a big grey button that say's 'RENEW'.

Click it. You're done.

Wasn't that easy? Go take a swig of cherry flavored Pepto, and still have a job. 🙂


* If you are a third grade girl, I apologize if this statement offended you.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure how they ‘separated’ the servers. Usually you just provision the server as a sub-licensing cluster. You only need to renew the SLC on the certification cluster, as it is the root for all other servers, including sub-licensing clusters.

    Not sure what the problem could be that you are looking at.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We recently had an issue where someone had separated out the certification url and licensing urls to separate servers.. Do you need to renew the SLC’s on both servers?  Arent they using the same database? I was under the impression that renewing it on the certification server would update both certs but that does not seem to be the case….  

    Any tips here?

  3. Alex Stamate says:

    Hi Jason,

    I noticed in one case that if you renew the SLC offline you need to place the file (downloaded from the MS website) to a location that doesn't contain spaces in its name/path, e.g. C:download_folderSLC_Certificate…

    I ain't sure if this is some sort of feature but it's good to know when the error "invalid path" kicks in :).



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