Pimp my RMS – Buying some aftermarket parts for your RMS environment.

Today I thought I'd touch on something that I get asked about alot.

After-market parts for RMS. Who do I call for custom solutions to pimp-out my RMS environment?

Purchasing RMS and Office is alot like buying a car. Right off the lot, it is the standard automobile that fits the requirements of the majority of customer scenarios. It protects your content, no matter where it lives, and keeps your data safe and sound on the removable media devices that inevitably wind up someplace they shouldn't be, outside of your control. It's a vehicle that gets you from A to B securely. Well some people need to do more during that A to B trip than the 'average Joe'.

Just like buying a car, there is always the 'extra' things that you need/want. What if you drive alot in the snow? Well you're going to want to buy some nice snow-tires. What if you like to race? Well there are the super slick mushroom tires, and ground effects, and spoilers, and turbo chargers. The dealers don't typically stick these on the car, and that is where the aftermarket parts guys come in and fill the gaps to give you a customized solution for your needs.

Just like the after-market parts dealers, we have partner vendors that fill the holes for customers looking for solutions that don't apply to the average customer. What if you need to protect more than just Office documents? What if you need to protect PDFs, and TIFFs, and JPEGS, and Office document formats that aren't protected right out of the box. What if your legal department needs to be able to perform discovery searches on archived e-mail, or document archives...including RMS content that has been encrypted? What if you need to automatically protect content that contains social security numbers, or credit card numbers with automated templates, or protect a directory on a file share so that any content that goes into the directory get automatically RMS protected - even formats that do not have an IRM aware viewer? What if you need to view RMS protected content on Linux, or Mac? What if you want to send RMS protected content to all of your partners, but do not want to be responsible for managing the RMS infrastructure? What if you want to get a report of who did what, with a piece of content (i.e. Printed, Viewed, Forwarded, etc..)?

I sat in on a presentation from one of our partners today and was absolutely blown away by the amount of custom solutions they have for just about every imaginable circumstance. Our partners like Giga-trust, Liquid Machines and Titus just have mountains of custom RMS solutions to meet your every need (like the ones I listed above). They are all great partners, have great solutions, and are always willing to discuss how they can help solve your business needs.

So if you have RMS, and you are wondering who you can call to pimp out your setup to meet specific, non-standard or regulatory compliance needs make sure that you check out our partner list here http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/partners/rmspartners.mspx and ask them about all of the different solutions available to you, pricing, comparisons etc. Make sure you shop around and see who's solutions best fit the needs of your company (even when it comes to RMS). I think you will be impressed.

RMS is here to stay, and is taking the IP protection market by storm. Our partners know they are building on a great platform, and are making sure that our customers have a solution for every situation. I bet if you ask, they will even say to you as they provide the solution you have been looking for 'You have officially been pimped!'. 🙂


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, all this partners and their solutions are good. But not all sell it`s products in all countries. For examole, Liquid Machines refuse to sell it’s client and file share gateway to us (Russia). And they haven`t resellers in western europe.

    GigaTrust much better in this case, and their products is cost not much (50% less).

    It is not advertisement, it is customer opinion!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I try to be fair and balanced in the vendor space, although I welcome all posts. That is the purpose of this site. Get everyone to share information and experiences.

    Thank you for your post

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