RMS Provisioning Time Out. What can you do?

Hello everyone,

 First let me say, it has been an extremely busy few months in the world of RMS. Longhorn is looking awsome, and the product group has taken feedback from our customers to build the best RMS to date. I'm very happy to be involved with this product, and excited about it's future.

Anyways, I got an e-mail today (generated from this blog), where someone was having a timeout issue provisioning their RMS server.

Here is the response I sent.

We have seen this problem when trying to provision a machine that is slow or under load.
To solve the problem, try modifying the following web.config file:

C:\Program Files\Windows Rights Management Services\Provision\Web.Config

In the Web.Config file change the following setting to give you more time:

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="300" />

I have found that a value of 900 is enough time even on the slowest machines.

Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.


Note: This issue actually turned out to be an incompatibility with RMS and SQL 2005 Express SP2. We switched to using MDSE, and everything worked, but the article above still applies to slow machines.

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