Suggestions for building a better RMS??

So since this is an RMS blog, and chances are that the people that are reading this are not here looking for football scores (We all know the New England Patriots are going to win the super bowl anyways. Ha!), I'm wondering what you, the customer, would like to see in future versions of the product.

It can be anything.

Example: Quick Look is good at reporting back some server health issues, but I'd also like to be able to generate a report that shows me X, Y, and Z. Here's why...

Example: I would like to see some documentation on X topic. ...or... the documentation on X topic is not detailed enough. Here's why...

Example: RMS isn't currently capable of doing X, but I wish it would. Here's why..

Example: I hate your blog, and you. I wish you would both go away. Here's why...

Right now, this site is the semi-official site (mainly because of my blog from December 1 ). That being as it is, the people that write the product are currently forced to look at my ugly mug when they go look at their RSS feeds. (We may actually be joining forces shortly). It would be great for them to see some customer feedback, from people that are out there in the real world, using the product day to day. Trust me, they are ALWAYS looking for ways to improve the product, and I'm always looking for ways to deliver customer feedback to them. What better way than for you..the let them know directly. All the research and development, and war room meetings, and brainstorming, and power point slideshows showing the gradual improvement of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, when RMS gets implemented into an environment is no substitution for customer feedback. After all, we write these products for you, so lets hear it! It's like going to the voting booths. You may not always get what you wanted, but it gives you the absolute right to complain. If you didn't vote, you can't complain.

Now I know I may be inviting something very painful here, but please keep the 'color' to a minimum. I don't know what kind of filter they have on the comments section, and I'd hate to have to nix a good suggestion, because someone dropped the 'F Bomb'! 🙂


- Jason 

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