Making RMS Troubleshooting Mo’ Betta, /w QuickLook. Pt. 2

So here we are. One holiday, and a severe lower back injury later. In the last post we discussed setting up LogAnalyzer. Today I will try to get through setting up the actual QuickLook piece, while squirming and writhing in agony in this god-forsaken, non-ergonomic chair I have at my desk. See how important this…


Important information about Office 2007 and IRM/RMS

If you are planning on upgrading to Office 2007, and you want to be able to create IRM/RMS protected content, make doubly sure that you know what you are buying. Office 2007 Professional no longer has the ability to protect content. You have to have Office 2007 Professional +. I know, I was surprised too!…


Making RMS Troubleshooting Mo’ Betta, /w QuickLook. Pt. 1

Definition of Mo’ Betta=====================================- For something to be better than it was before. Example: This last beer was mo’ betta than the first.  SETTING THINGS UP TO BE MO’ BETTA=====================================There is another tool in the RMS Toolkit, that not many people use called QuickLook. We use this tool internally to track down, and troubleshoot problems with…


RMS and why you need it. Public humiliation is a funny thing…for your competitor.

People forwarding e-mails is one of the biggest problems of security breaches that enterprises are faced with now days. Don’t believe me? Read this article: If you are a financial institution or health care provider, you fall under certain regulations (HIPPA, GLB) that require that security measures be put in place to prevent information leakage….


What the…?? Why is RMS being offered by Windows Update and WSUS?

Perhaps some of you admins have noticed the presence of the RMS SP2 Client in your WSUS installations. Perhaps some of you also noticed that it is a full blown install of the RMS client, even if you only have WSUS setup to download ‘delta’ installs. So whats going on? Well with the release of…


Tip o’ the day: 12/08/2006 Death of a RMS Server, End of a Career.

You’ve done everything wrong and you know it. You put RMS on a machine with multiple services running on it, you haven’t backed up your SLC, private key, and RMS databases, and now your server just crashed…and crashed hard. It’s dead…flat lined…no chance of recovery. Now what? You have a bunch of documents that you…


Suggestions for building a better RMS??

So since this is an RMS blog, and chances are that the people that are reading this are not here looking for football scores (We all know the New England Patriots are going to win the super bowl anyways. Ha!), I’m wondering what you, the customer, would like to see in future versions of the…


Helping customers, help themselves /w IRMCheck Pt 4. (The final chapter)

OK. Today’s feature presentation will complete our IRMCheck series. After this lesson everyone who reads this will be dubbed ‘the expert’ within your company walls, so beware…reading this may cause you to be given MORE WORK! RMA Activation Service – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\RMA\Activation\ServiceLocationReg_SZ:defaultValue:<> Not Documented. This is similar to the ActivationServer setting for Office, but this applies to…