Blog Code Examples Not Running Due to Smart Quotes

During an excellent trip to see a local customer *, it was noted that some of the script examples on the blog were not working as expected.  The post we were looking at was the Check Exchange 2013 Schema and Object Information in AD.  When the sample commands were copied, the Exchange administrator was not…


Create Azure RM VM Using Existing VHD

TailspinToys Canada have been busy upgrading their on-premises, Azure and Office 365 infrastructure.  Previously Azure resources were moved from classic (Azure Service Manager) to the new Azure Resource Manager (Azure RM).   The VMs, storage accounts and VHDs were migrated.   One of the migration blockers was that multiple availability sets were previously present in one of the cloud…


PowerShell Friday Fun

How many days do you have where the below describes the standard routine?   I have also been known to reference this when delivering Microsoft workshops in the preamble to break time….   Cheers, Rhoderick


Exchange Management Shell Pipeline Not Executed Because a Pipeline Is Already Executing

When running operations in the Exchange Management Shell, you may run into the situation where the commands do not complete and the error “Pipeline not executed because a pipeline is already executing” is reported.  An example of this is shown below.  This is an Exchange 2010 SP3 RU15 lab server.  In this case a PowerShell…


Remote PowerShell – PSSession WhoAmI

For those who worked with NT and Novell Netware many, many moons ago they became familiar with a handy function– who am I.  Windows folks may also recall it when working with the Client and Gateway Services for Netware, and whoami.exe was also added to the NT Resource Kit.  Remember the days of all the…


Script To Start Exchange Services

Running scripts to start and stop services has been a task long associated with Exchange.  For those who pre-date Exchange 2000, do you remember the fun issues with the increased WaitToKillServiceTimeout value?  By default in ye olde days HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WaitToKillServiceTimeout was 20,000 ms (20 secs).   Installing Exchange increased that to 600,000 ms (10 minutes).  To quickly…


Script To Automate Exchange Health Manager Service For Monitoring Mailbox Reset

This is a quick tactical script to help Exchange administrators when resetting Exchange Monitoring mailboxes.  Exchange 2013 introduced managed availability which is responsible for evaluating the health of Exchange 2013 and 2016 Exchange servers.  Yes it does also probe downlevel servers, but let’s not get bogged down in that in this post.  In order to…


PowerShell Tail Command

In a recent customer conversation, they were excited that PowerShell 5.0 would contain the option to tail a log file.  While they were excited to get that feature, they were less excited to hear that PowerShell 3.0 had already added the –Tail parameter to the Get-Content cmdlet.  Previously there have been other solutions to get this…


Install Desktop Experience – Windows Server 2012 R2

This is an updated version of the original Windows Server 2012 post.  The genesis of which was an application requirement to install Media Player onto a couple of servers.  This met with some muttering and cursing from my colleague in the nearby fabric covered box, as the option to install the Desktop Experience feature is…


AzureVM Static IP Does Not Persist

It is possible to configure a “static” IP on your Azure IAAS VMs.  This is something that we looked at in a previous post.  One thing worth pointing out is that there is a little wrinkle with the current implementation, and you may run into unexpected results.  Static IP assignment in Azure VMs is not…