Hyper-V VM Import–Know Before You Go

Importing VMs from one host to another can run into issues due differences in the configuration of the hosts.  A common issue is that a virtual switch does not exist on the new Hyper-V host.  While it is possible to attempt the import, and then deal with the fallout afterwards,  wouldn’t it be great to…


Quick Tip–Adding Same ISO DVD Image To All Hyper-V Lab VMs

When building out a lab, you might need to attach the same ISO to multiple VMs.  In this case I was installing multiple Exchange 2016 severs, and wanted to easily add the same ISO file to each of the VMs. This was on my Windows 10 laptop which makes quick work of the task since…


TechNet Gallery Resources

There are numerous outstanding scripts, tools and resources located in the TechNet Gallery.  In addition to MVPs and community members adding scripts, Microsoft also adds official contributions.  For example, this is where you are downloading the Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator and Exchange 2010 Server Role Requirements Calculator.  Since adding PowerShell scripts to this…


Windows 10 Hyper-V Error 0x80070780 – File Cannot Be Accessed By The System

Last week after showing a client some of new features in Windows 10, they went off and upgraded a laptop to the preview from Windows 8.1.  Initially all seemed to go well.  That is until they tried to start up VMs on their SSD drive.   At that point Mr Sad & Grumpy came to visit….


Windows 10 Preview – VMs Missing In Hyper-V Manager

After updating my Windows 8.1 machine to the Windows 10 preview, some of my VMs were no longer visible in the Hyper-V Manager.  Prior to powering on some VMs, all of them were visible.  After powering on, some VMs disappeared in the Hyper-V Manager console.  In the screen shot below, there should be 10 VMs…


Importing Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V VM Into Server 2012

A virtual machine from Windows Server 2012 R2 cannot be directly imported into Windows Server 2012. This is discussed in this previous post along with the import error 32784 .  There will be times when we want to take a 2012 R2 VM and import it into 2012, this happened to me recently when setting…


Hyper-V Did Not Find Virtual Machines to Import – Error 32784

When importing a VM into Windows Server 2012 that was exported from Windows 2012 R2 you will be unable to import the VM.  If you import the VM using PowerShell’s Import-VM cmdlet the error message is not very descriptive – “The operation cannot be performed because the object is not in a valid state”.  You…


Hyper-V Could Not Initialize – Could Not Create or Access Saved State File

As part of my relaxing holiday, I spent a fair bit of time upgrading the hardware in my lab and installing Windows Server 2012 R2 onto all of my Hyper-V hosts.  I then went through and pruned out some old test VMs and made sure the ones I had left were still relevant. After I…


Hyper-V Encountered An Error While Loading The Virtual Machine

When I was running Windows 8 I ran into an issue importing VMs with the error “Did Not Find Virtual Machine To Import” and discussed it on the blog.   The presence on the .exp file was causing the import to fail.  Since I had to rebuild my corporate laptop, I hit a related the same…


How To Import Windows 2008 R2 VM To Windows 2012 or 8.1 Using Boot To VHD

One of the popular topics lately has revolved around the Hyper-V Did Not Find Virtual Machines To Import error.  This issue can arise when we try and import a VM into Windows Server 2012 R2 or 8.1 which was originally exported from Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2.  Such exported VMs from 2008 or 2008…