Office 365 Exchange Hybrid Deployments Busting The Autodiscover Myth

When configuring an Exchange Online hybrid deployment, there are many things to consider.  Asides from the various networking, certificate and client discussions there is also a requirement to ensure that Autodiscover is functioning correctly.  In addition to having Autodiscover correctly published to the Internet an additional wrinkle commonly pops up, which takes people down the…


Exchange Autodiscover & Lync

Via this blog we have discussed the fundamentals of Exchange Autodiscover, and also issues around the Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory cmdlet.  At this point the message should be out there with regards to how Outlook functions internally and externally to locate Autodiscover and the difference that having the workstation domain joined makes.   Lync on the other hand is…


Busting The Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory Myth

This is one of those long overdue posts (and yes there are certainly many more where it came from in my drafts folder) regarding some of the incorrect instructions about setting up Autodiscover which can be found on the Internet.   What am I wibbling about?  Well repeatedly over the last 5 years or so…


Exchange & The Autodiscover Web Service

In the Exchange 2003 world and below, those administrators looking to automate and control the behaviour of MAPI profiles on user’s desktops quickly became familiar with tools like: ORK (Office Resource Kit) .PRF Files .OPS files (from the Office Profile wizard) PROFGEN PRFPATCH ExProfRe   For a refresher on such joys  of .PRF files etc….