Retrieving Cluster Error 1135 From Servers

In some of the recent posts you will have noted that there have been some issues with VMware, and also network cards dropping packets in packets received discarded.  One symptom of this is that nodes will be removed from the cluster and EventID 1135 is logged into the System log.  EventID 1135  states that the…


Critical Schannel Vulnerability – MS14-066

In the November 2014 security bulletin there were 14 updates released.  The updates resolved security issues in IE, OLE and Schannel.  It is the latter that is worth calling out for attention since this is the basis of the Microsoft implementation of SSL. Exchange makes heavy use of SSL, and is typically connected to the…


Windows 10 Poor Graphics Performance

Since there will be a good few folks running Windows 10 who subscribe to the RSS feed, I though it would worthwhile sharing a recent issue I had with my Windows 10 laptop.  This is a Lenovo W530 with ample CPU, SSD and video card performance.  It should run like a beast, but recently the…


Disabling IPv6 And Exchange – Going All The Way

When we are performing the Exchange Risk Assessment, one of things PFE love to check is how servers have been configured for IPv6.  There have been numerous occasions where we have found servers whose admin has said that they have disabled IPv6, but when you look at the server it is not really disabled.  When…


TechEd Europe Lync Sessions To Go Do

TechEd Europe starts tomorrow!  It is being held again in the beautiful and amazing city of Barcelona.  You can be sure that TechEd will deliver lots of great product news and information.  You can use the catalog to review all of the sessions, but I wanted to call out a couple of particular interest.   The…


Doh! Windows Update Has Navigation Tabs

Windows Update is a very important feature in the newer builds of the OS.  If we think back to the NT 3.5/4.0 days the process to obtain updates was very different.  Just to obtain a hotfix you needed to call in, provide credit card details and then obtain the update.  How times have changed!  And…


Windows 10 Hyper-V Error 0x80070780 – File Cannot Be Accessed By The System

Last week after showing a client some of new features in Windows 10, they went off and upgraded a laptop to the preview from Windows 8.1.  Initially all seemed to go well.  That is until they tried to start up VMs on their SSD drive.   At that point Mr Sad & Grumpy came to visit….


Windows 10 Preview – VMs Missing In Hyper-V Manager

After updating my Windows 8.1 machine to the Windows 10 preview, some of my VMs were no longer visible in the Hyper-V Manager.  Prior to powering on some VMs, all of them were visible.  After powering on, some VMs disappeared in the Hyper-V Manager console.  In the screen shot below, there should be 10 VMs…


Office 2010 SP2–You Did Upgrade, Right?

Six months ago, we discussed that Office 2010 SP1 support was drawing to a close.  This means that you now need to have Office 2010 SP2 deployed on all relevant machines as the end of Office 2010 SP1 support is the 14th of October 2014.  The Microsoft support lifecycle site has the above details. One…


How To Check Exchange Autodiscover SRV Record Using Nslookup

Generally the Exchange external Autodiscover DNS entity is configured as a regular A record.  Sometimes a service record (SRV) is used instead.  Since I have the habit of forgetting the syntax of quickly querying for the SRV record, this is one of those shared bookmark posts! Nslookup is the tool of choice here!  Its documentation…