Unable To Run Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity – Error Code 1

The below is an error which an Exchange administrator brought up on an Exchange 2010 engagement.  They were trying to use the Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity cmdlet to validate the Exchange infrastructure.  However, the cmdlet was not working as expected.  In the below image you can see that it starts to perform the test, and then errors out….


The Case of: Outlook Destroying Desktops

As the name of the post implies, something was terribly wrong with Outlook.  Or so it appeared. This was a visit to a customer with poor user experience running Outlook 2016 on Windows 7.  The level of impact was clear long before I even stepped on site.  Management were under the impression that Outlook was crippling…


Load Balancing WAP In Azure RM

In the previous post Load Balancing Azure AD FS Services  we looked at using Azure RM to deploy and load balance AD FS services.  This is the follow-up post to deploy the Web Application Proxy (WAP) servers and its associated load balancer into the DMZ. In this post we will focus upon the highlighted area…


Testing AD FS Signon Page – An Error Occurred

There are many causes for receiving errors when signing onto AD FS.  However some are more genuine than others.  This is a quick tip to check that you are on the right track before diving into the details and potentially spending time troubleshooting when in fact nothing is wrong.  Just lately, for some reason I’m…


External RDP Access To Azure RM VM

Depending upon how your organisation has deployed Azure there may or may not be a need to have RDP access to Azure VMs from the Internet.  In cases where there is a site to site VPN (S2S)  the S2S VPN will typically be used to access VMs. Traffic will be routed from the corporate network…