Heidy The Skype Squirrel

This is one of those silly but intriguing things that is worth sharing.  When delivering some internal training over Skype I noticed that some of the emoticons have names I did not expect. 

Skype for Business introduced some really nice emoticons.  The below image is from the 2016 version of the client, showing the emoticons I currently have available.

Skype For Business 2016 Emoticons

Yes this list includes our venerable smiley friends and perennial favourites!  Skype for Business certainly did an outstanding job animating them and improving their graphical appearance.  While most of the emoticons are intuitive, for example the snail is (snail) and the ninja is (ninja) there are a couple of more interesting ones.

Take the footballer * dude, the shortcut is (Bartlett). 

Skype For Business - Footballer Emoticon Is (Bartlett)

And the squirrel is also interesting.  The shortcut is (Heidy)

Skype For Business - Squirrel Emoticon Is (Heidy)

Why would the squirrel be called Heidy?  My hypothesis is because squirrels “heidy” their nuts!



* – feel free to adjust that to soccer if you need to!

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  1. I see great minds think alike 🙂

    Thanks for the linkage Tobie – much appreciated. I see you are located around the Fens, a very nice part of the world. Have family down that way.


  2. Aldo McAldo says:

    This definitely has nothing to do with nuts.


    1. charles says:

      @ Aldo McAldo
      Priceless reply, made me die of laughter at work ahhaahhaa

  3. dave says:

    The footballer is named after one of the previous team members. http://julianfrost.co.nz/things/soccer/

  4. car Luna says:

    wow they are good

  5. suntawrites says:

    That is so cool that two are named after Skypers. Michael Bartlett is the footballer. Really interesting.
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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