How To Create Public Folder Calendar In Exchange 2013

This is in response to a engagement where the admins were puzzled that they could not create a public folder calendar in Exchange 2013.  That is something that we should be able to do.

Why were they not able to do so?

To creating the public folder calendar, we need to use Outlook.  This is the same as Exchange 2010, so no differences there.

What was stumping them was, when they went to Outlook there was no option to create the public folder calendar.

Exchange 2013 No Public Folder Calendar Option

Is there really no option?


17 Shades Of Grey

The grey slider, is kind of hidden on the grey slider background in the grey window……

If we click to scroll up in the list of what the folder will contain, we are rewarded with:

Exchange 2013 No Public Folder Calendar Found!

Luck favours the tenacious!




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  1. turbomcp says:


  2. JP2015 says:

    Hey this was helpful, but quick question — is there ANY way to make these calendars appear in OWA?

  3. BP says:

    This is a TERRIBLE design flaw……Why are there configurations that can’t be done in ECP??? Sort of defeats the purpose of its title.

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