Registry Editor Favourites – Who Knew?

When I was in Seattle for some internal training in January, one of the chaps delivering a demo used a feature that I wish I’d known about previously.   When he was demonstrating some of the update mechanics for Office Pro Plus he immediately skipped to the correct portion of the registry by using a shortcut feature in Registry Editor.

Yes, there is a favourites bookmark feature!

Update 20-8-2014:  Added Windows 2000 information and screenshots

Update 6-9-2014: Link to other post on sharing this between machines is here

Hidden In Plain View

When you open up Registry Editor, and yes I still compel myself to use regedt.exe  rather than regedit..exe (those NT habits die hard…..).

Look along the top, and you will see a favourites menu.

Registry Editor Favourites Menu - Hidden In Plain Sight

To add a key to the favourites, highlight it, and then choose “Add To Favourites”.  In the case below we are adding the Exchange 2010 MSExchangeAB key as a favourite.

Registry Editor Favourite - Add To Favourites

This allow me to easily come back, and skip directly to the section in the registry that controls how the Address Book service is configured.

Registry Editor Favourite - Selecting From Favourites

Now all I have to do, is to select the MSExchangeAB entry from the Favourites menu and I get instantly teleported there – nice!

I’ve also added the MSExchangeRPC key as we typically either set both to static in Exchange 2010 enterprise deployments.


How Long?

One of my AD colleagues (thanks Pierre!) mentioned that he had a Windows 2000 DC running, so I asked him to check for the feature there, and yes it was present way back un build 2195!

Registry Editor Favourites Menu - Hidden In Plain Sight For The Last 14 Years


Gratuitous Flashback

Just for  a giggle, this is the Start screen from a Windows Server 2012 R2 server.  I’m searching for regedt32.exe

Server 2012 R2 Registry Editor - Regedt32.exe

And when we zoom in on the upper right hand portion of the screen, its the old school NT registry editor icon.

Server 2012 R2 Registry Editor - Regedt32.exe

The young pup, Windows 95 registry editor, regedit.exe is shown here for comparison.

Server 2012 R2 Registry Editor - Regedit.exe




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  1. Are you kidding me? How long has this been there? That’s awesome!

  2. The oldest VM that I have right now is a Windows XP pro. And yes, it does have the favourites menu 🙂


  3. It’s been there forever, and I could have used it thousands of times. Thank you for posting this, Rhoderick. Little things like this may seem obvious to those to use it, but can be gold to others who just never noticed. Not something most would think to
    blog about, but you just saved me a ton of time going forward.

  4. How did I never know this existed? Great find!

  5. Thanks for posting that ASHigginbotham… something else to keep in mind as I use this more. Machine rebuilds will happen.

  6. Groovy – thanks Andrew!

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  10. anonymouscommenter says:

    We come along way from win3.1 🙂 or have we?:)
    Never noticed it:)

  11. Certainly have come along way –> NetBEUI is long gone 🙂


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