Office 2013 Click-To-Run Not Updating


When the office updates were released last patch Tuesday, there were a couple of issues of mine that were resolved.   Great, I thought, let’s download and install them!    After checking that my installed build of Outlook etc. was older than the released updates I downloaded the updates from the Microsoft Download Centre and then went to install them only for it to barf:


After muttering briefly, I realised that I was not actually using a traditional .msi install of Office 2013. I’m actually using a Click-To-Run installation on the MSIT Windows 8 image.  DOH!


Stop, Hammer Time!

But, wait.  Wasn’t my office build out of date?  Part of the advantage of Click-To-Run is that it will automatically update.  Why was this not happening?  One quick Bing search later I noted that in the article Microsoft Office 2013 Click-to-Run virtualization there were steps to retry the Office update :


  1. Open any Office application
  2. Click on the File tab
  3. Click on Account (Office Account in Outlook)
  4. Click on Update Options
  5. Click on Disable Updates
  6. Click on Update Options again
  7. Finally, click on Enable Updates


Update 8-4-2013

After updating to Office 2013 SP1, the interface appears different.  Note that there is not a button to check for updates


Office 2013 Click To Run Update Now



   As soon as the updates were re-enabled – boom!  They started to download!





The updates then installed in the background as I continued to use the applications, and only when all the updates had been installed was I prompted to restart them.



Note that a restart of the OS was not needed here, just the applications had to be restarted.  Again another neat feature of the Click-To-Run package!





Those of you familiar with App-V will be thinking this is kind of familiar, and it is Smile.  Click-to-Run is based on App-V, which itself came from the Soft Grid acquisition).

Click-To-Run was launched with Office 2010, and with more and more people moving to Office 365 it is destined to become even more popular!


One thing that you may experience when running Click-to-Run is that some of the traditional troubleshooting tools that expect Outlook to be installed as a .msi will have issues.  Mr MAPI (AKA Stephen Griffin) mentions a workaround on his blog for MFCMAPI to get it to work with Click-to-Run Outlook.




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Comments (7)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    We have two installations of Office 2013 Pro Click To Run and two MSI (OEM supplied) versions. I do not like the peculiar and uneven update strategy of CTR. For April 2014, Word (across all versions) has a critical bug (KB2863910 – ms14-017). There are updates for the MSI version, but the last update for CTR was in March of 2014 (build 1508) and there is no April update to coincide with the release of the patches for MSI based Office 2013. This seems very wrong. Why are Office 2013 CTR users being left out to hang in the wind without critical updates.

  2. I got an update to my CTR build yesterday. Can you see if there are any pending updates?


  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Click to Run is neither ‘popular’ nor is it destined to ‘become more popular’; it is a burden placed on users of the software by Microsoft. While they are trying to control software piracy, and that is their right; they have removed the ability of people
    working and living in remote locations, who pay dearly for bandwidth (that is remarkably slow to begin with). I have found trying to install and update 2013 a horrid experience, one which reinforces my opinion that the reason computers haven’t advanced much
    is solely due to Microsoft holding the industry back…

  4. The licensing is one part of this Jace. As a technical person the benefit that I do see is that installations are kept upto date. Yes sufficient bandwidth is one requirement for cloud based solutions.

    Even to this day I see Office 2010 RTM installations with not a single update installed at customers sites. They then ask why they are running into issues. On the Exchange Online/365 side this is another huge call driver. Reported issues are resolved when the
    Office client is updated.

    What sort of Internet pipe do you have – just curious?


  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    Office 2013 -Home & Business click to run. For about the last 5 months—updates are seen to be available, but they will not download automatically. I can do them manually.. It’s been reinstalled about 3 times with the same results. It keeps saying We
    are not the ui handler and it can not do that task. Something to those words. I would like this to be fixed. It’s just this one computer. Please help. We have done all the basic troubleshooting. Turn on and off enable downloads, . Don’t know what else to do.
    It used to download by itself I know. I have had this program since about Aug.2013. I got it when I got my new computer back then.

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    Funny how more than a year later this is still an issue. Even despite installing from an installation source, you’re still forcefully stuck with this awful ClicktoRun business which often leads to a randomly broken Office that won’t work due to the "click
    office icon nothing happens" bug. You should be able to manually install SP1 + other updates regardless of the type of Office you have so YOU have control over when updates break your machine, not Microsoft. Months can go by and these updates won’t take effect
    and even using the disable / enable suggestion above, they don’t always update.

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    how do i do this if I can’t even get to the "File" option? I open my office 2013, go to word, mine goes straight to a long list of templates to search I choose blank template, it opens a clean doc and boom "windows is looking for a solution to the problem"
    and it closes office 2013. I’ve used this thing only a few times since i installed it completely useless!

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