SCOM Slow PowerShell Expansion

Ran into an issue with SCOM, where the SCOM PowerShell console would freeze for extended periods of time.


Solution was found here: Slow tab expansion in Ops Mgr PowerShell V2 console

The fix is to tweak the TabExpansion function in V2 so that it doesn’t try to autocomplete child objects if using the Ops Mgr provider. This can be done via the below script. Paste this into your console session, or better yet add it to your profile, and tab expansion for Ops Mgr cmdlets will work much more quickly



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  1. pamarths says:

    Instead of using SCOM powershell console, we can import the snapin into normal console and enjoy the flexibility of tab expansions. I found this way more efficient. See below link for more details.…/1197

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