Remote Desktop Connection Manager Download (RDCMan) 2.2

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a great tool to consolidate multiple RDP connections into a single window to prevent desktop clutter.

Update 19-11-2014: RDCMan 2.7 is now available. Please see here.

Update 29-3-2017: 2.2 is no longer available for download - please use the 2.7 download link.


Remote Desktop Manager Download

The tool can be downloaded from the Download Centre.



Installation Pointers

There are a couple of things worth noting about the tool:

It will install into the x86 Program Files folder on a x64 machine:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Do not save your custom RDG files in the installation folder, just in case your local workstation dies and the file is gone. I always keep my .RDG files in a  subfolder of My Documents, which is a redirected folder to a file server.

The RDG files are portable, and you can share them within your organisation.  For example, when you get a new admin give them a copy of the RDG files and they are able to review your list of servers and get connected easily – assuming they have the permissions….

The help file is located in the same directory  - unsurprisingly this is called help.htm

Finally and most importantly, please say a big thank you to Julian Burger the developer who wrote this and David Zazzo for working to get it released!!




Comments (121)
  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    I love this tool and use it every day! Thank you, Julian and David. Is there anywhere to submit bug reports?

  2. Hi Andrew – I can certainly pass your comments on.

    Please use the email blog author in the right hand pane



  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    I very much like this product and use it in my roll as Consultant for an international IT services company.  Being able to create a group for each customer – then sub group for their locations, with systems there located within – is a big time saver, especially when coupled with RDCman's feature to inherent settings.  Also, because the settings are kept by group, one can share the group file with coworkers and therefore save each other a ton of work recreating the connections.

    One really appreciates RDCman when used in conjunction with a Remote Desktop Gateway – beautiful!

    Thank you Julian and David!

    One question I have, is there a way to report suspected bugs and know when new releases come out?

    Warmest regards,

    Clay Goss, Sr. IT Consultant

  4. Hi Clay,

    I do not believe that there is an official channel for reporting/feedback/notificaiton.  If you want, use the email blog author on the right and I can proxy the comments on for you.



  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    Great Tool. Excellent Job!!! One suggestion though. It would be great if you could add Ping, TraceRT and Nslookup on the menu when right clicking the server name. This would be great feature 🙂

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    This is a great tool, thanks. Two minor suggestions – I'd like a list of "Connected" sessions at the top of the server tree, since I have many servers in many groups and would like faster access to the ones I'm actively using. Also, I think a "Reconnect" option would be nice. Currently if a session locks I generally disconnect and connect so I don't have to reenter what can be long, complex passwords. Or if there's a way to unlock a connected session that would be great too.

  7. Hi folks,

    Good suggestions – let me add them to the internal tool site.  I don't know if/when this will be updated but if it is I'll repost to my blog and update the article.



  8. anonymouscommenter says:

    My company finally upgraded my desktop to Win7. But now RDCMan works differently than it did on XP. Our network has many different domain suffixes.,, etc. Because is in the suffix search list, my RDC servers were server1.x, server2.y. On XP these connections worked because RDC use the suffix search list. On Win7 RDCman is NOT using the suffix search list and I have about 100 remote connections that I now need to alter the connection names on. Why does RDCMan not use the suffix search list when running on Win7 like it did on XP?

  9. anonymouscommenter says:

    Found the problem. Of course it was not RDCMan…

    MS Changed Win7 do not use suffix search list on partially qualified DNS names.

    They call partial names "unqualified multi label names"

    It was not obvious because NSLookup uses its own rules about dns suffixes


    Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/DNS Client/Allow DNS Suffix Appending to Unqualified Multi-Label Name Queries=True

  10. Thanks for sharing the fix Craig!



  11. anonymouscommenter says:

    Awesome Tool!  – Can it be connected to AD?

  12. Hi Greg,  

    not sure about exactly what you are looking for.  Can you clarify please?



  13. anonymouscommenter says:

    It would be great if there is search option. If I have 10 groups/servers with 50 VMs connections with different names (not numbers), e.g.  user first name_last name, it's very difficult to find out the connection e.g. Rh_Milne that you are looking for.

  14. Hi Vassil, that is something that has been added to the wish list.



  15. Great tool.  Should be part of the Remote Server Administration Tools set.

  16. anonymouscommenter says:

    Used it for a long time, any news on a win8 version?

  17. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hey Rhoderick, love this tool. A great feature I would love to see in this tool is to disable the supresswhenminized for a server or group of them. I run some tests that actively require the GUI to be open. But say for example when I am connected to a group with all the thumbnails viewable and need to move into 1 server to work, the others become suppressed when i am only viewing one; since its not viewing the thumbnails of all the servers anymore. I understand this is to save bandwidth and performance but it would be great to see an option for some servers or registry key to change.

    Smart bear has an article on this for standard terminal server client here…/30217 but it doesn't affect the RDCMAN application.

  18. Hi Paul

    I have been using it on Windows 8 since the first beta with no issues.

    Are you installing it from an elevated cmd prompt?



  19. Hi Ryan,

    Interesting comment – thanks for that!!

    I'll add your notes to the internal site for the tool, so the devs can see this.  I can't promise what is/will be updated though.  I'm just a simple cable plugger!



  20. says:

    Awesome tool!

    Any thought to opening this up on codeplex?  I'd love to see a few updates (more levels in the tree, support for some of the newer RDP enhancements, ability to autosync connection to cloud with passwords working across different computers, etc).

  21. Hi Shawn,

    Indeed it is most awesome 🙂

    I've not heard/seen anything on that.  I'll add your feedback to the internal site!



  22. mikebcs says:

    I really love this program. It has found a permanent location on my taskbar; It sits next to Outlook. I love the idea of ping, nslookup, and tracert. I would like to add a Manage Computer option when right clicking a computer. It should be simple enough. It would save time when trying to manage multiple computers remotely.

    There is one odd issue I have with the program. Sometimes when I have more than one connection connected, one of the connection can get stuck or the opposite. When switching between connections, clicking on a computer in the tree, one will not show, but will bring up a different connection. Sometimes I can select a third different connection and it will open. However clicking back to a connection will bring up a connection that is stuck. If I undock and redock a connection it seems to temporarily solve the problem.

    Other than that, this is my #1 tool I use.

  23. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi, I just found that the virtual channel does not work anymore. I always add some customized DLLs to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftTerminal Server ClientDefaultAddIns, but now it looks RDCMan does not load the DLLunder this hive anymore.

    Is there any way to fix this problem? Thanks a lot.

  24. says:

    A feature of this tool that would significantly enhance my user experience would be the ability to "mirror" the mouse and keyboard commands across all the tiles when viewing in the tiled format. For example, when installing software on a cluster of servers, you could click through all the wizards at once with a "Mirror KVM" tool where what I do on one server view happens on all the others.

  25. anonymouscommenter says:

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  26. NeighborGeek says:

    I love this tool, but I'm having a couple of issues with it.

    Sometimes, when I try to connect to a server, it connects and then disconnects immediately, giving an error 3334.  I'm not certain, but it SEEMS like it may only happen when connecting to a 2012 server.  

    I have also found that sometimes the app just won't connect to any server anymore, and I get "An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x8007ffff)".  Closing the app and re-opening it fixes the issue.  This usually happens after the app has been open for several hours, or maybe even left open from the day before.  

    Has anyone else run into similar issues?

  27. Not seen that issue with error 3334 – have been running this heavily on Windows 8 since beta.  

    My lab instance of this is always left running.  Any other underlying auth issues?



  28. anonymouscommenter says:

    Seems the RDCMan List sessions works for our 2003 servers, but not those running 2008R2. Is this related to the change in tsadmin from .exe to msc? Is there a workaround?

    On a related note, would be useful if List sessions also displayed Idle Time and Logon Time columns, same as the tsadmin tool.

    Much appreciated.


  29. Hi Ian,

    That could be the case but I never really dug into that.  This issue was already filed with the tool, but  I don't know if/when we will see an updated release.



  30. anonymouscommenter says:

    This is a great tool like everyone said.  Curious, will there ever be a native 64-bit version?  I like my machine to be as close to pure 64-bit setup as possible.

  31. anonymouscommenter says:


    A great tool but now that I am using it more and more I am seeing a problem where I can only open 10 connections at once.  

    With more than 10 open I get either "Error possibly involving server name, attempted to read or write protected memory" or "Error involving security settings. Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component and error 2568

    Any server opens fine when less than 10 connections are open.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  I run under Windows 8



  32. johncook says:

    "I love this tool, but I'm having a couple of issues with it.

    Sometimes, when I try to connect to a server, it connects and then disconnects immediately, giving an error 3334.  I'm not certain, but it SEEMS like it may only happen when connecting to a 2012 server.  

    I have also found that sometimes the app just won't connect to any server anymore, and I get "An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x8007ffff)".  Closing the app and re-opening it fixes the issue.  This usually happens after the app has been open for several hours, or maybe even left open from the day before.  

    Has anyone else run into similar issues?"

    I have same issue

  33. anonymouscommenter says:

    I'm having that same issue as well. I was experiencing the same error with mRemoteNG, which is why I switched to RDCMan in the first place, so I'm pretty disappointed that the error is occurring again.

  34. Artur Fronczek says:

    Hi, I love this tool either 🙂

    But since Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on the client and Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 as servers  I've the Error 3334 issue too 🙁

    @Andy K: mRemoteNG works fine on my setup (with no 3334 error)… Strange…

  35. anonymouscommenter says:

    Error 3334 when opening extra sessions after longer period of working with several sessions open…

    Simply restarting RDC-manager solves the problem  🙂

  36. anonymouscommenter says:

    Any chance of Microsoft releasing version 2.5 of RDCM?

  37. anonymouscommenter says:

    can't believe that a search function is not available, a software designed to manage a lot of servers, but you can't search a single server!! first time using this tool and I noted it, I don't understand why the creator didn't figured it

  38. anonymouscommenter says:

    yup i'm also seeing the Error 3334.  the VM i'm trying to re-connect to is running 2012 R2.

  39. Matt Br says:

    I use this tool every single day at work.  It's not perfect but it's damn close.  Since switching to using a Win 8.1 (technically 2012R2) based workstation I now get the dreaded Error 3334.  It seems to be a combination of the number of sessions I open and the amount of time the app has been running.  For example if I make my connections right away after I start the app I can do quite a few of them simultaneously but if I wait a while it seems I can't open any new ones.  Closing the app and re-opening it fixes the issue but it is a fairly major pain in the neck.

    There is a "no duh" post on TN Forums here:…/remote-desktop-connection-manager-22-problems-in-win-81

    And a "this didn't fix it for me" post here:…/remote-desktop-connection-manager-can-only-open-6-sessions-at-a-time-on-server-2012

    I can RDP to my heart's content (or more) using the OS client.  Hopefully it's fixable!

  40. anonymouscommenter says:

    Very Good Tool indeed for those who connect to multiple systems for their work.

    Would appreciate if we have the option to search,  Run scripts on a group.   Extract report from servers. (Disk space etc )

  41. Matt Br says:

    At this point I'd be happy to just have the connection bug fixed.  Does anybody know who wrote the thing in the first place?  Maybe we could hunt them down and bribe them.

  42. Matt – your are the first one I've heard of that wants to supply bribes 🙂

    Julian Burger  is the chap who wrote the tool.  Do you want me to ask him if he wants doughnuts ???

    I do add the comments here to the tool's internal feedback site.  And If I get something that I can share I certainly will.



  43. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi, I like this tool and had been using it on XP for my daily admin tasks.  But since I upgraded to Win7, I can't do run as different user by using shift-right mouse click, which causes me a lot of inconvenience as when you connect to the remote machines it takes the windows logon id as the default.  I have to re-type the logon id if I want to logon as a different user.  Am I missing something here?  Or can this be added to the right click options?

  44. Matt Br says:

    Rhoderick – I’m sure we can come up with some doughnuts!

    This issue seems to also be impacting mRemoteNG and may be specific to RDP 8.1.  They have a bug report on it here:…/MR-582

  45. That's interesting Matt – I'll pass that along.

    There was a comment on your link saying


    This seems to be related to using RDP 8.1 on the client end. I connect to a wide range of servers 2003 – 2012 R2. Never had this issue until I installed KB2830477 which is an update to the RDP client.


    What patterns are you seeing folks?  Is it only when that 8.1 RDP client gets installed that you get the error?



  46. anonymouscommenter says:

    Error 3334:

    Happened on Wind 7.1 RDP 7 already too, though not as often as on RDP 8/8.1…

    By far much more frequent on RDP 8.1, something I think has to do with the Quick Reconnect feature…

    This application simply leaks memory, which is why you get all kinds of weird errors or even simply plain .NET errors thrown after extensive use (alot of connecting/disconnecting)… I've by now abandoned it. Unworkable if you simpy need to do your thing on alot of servers at once…

  47. anonymouscommenter says:

    Great tool, have a mix of Win2008 & Win2012 servers, I am seeing the 3334 error with just the 2012 servers.

    Can still open Win2008 servers afterwards but need to restart RCDMAN to access the 2012 servers again, but then the issue occurs after about 6 sessions…

    Happy to mail donuts to Julian Burger if that's what's needed, but i suspect its the MSTSC.exe and WinServer 2012 R2 issue…

  48. anonymouscommenter says:

    I have the same error when connecting to 2012 Servers.

    If somebody solved the problem please share the solution here.

  49. Evan_ISS says:

    Same here, W8.1 when connecting to either Server 2012 or Server 2012 R2 get error 3334. Is random initially but eventually can't connect to any of these servers.

    A fix would be mostly welcome.

  50. anonymouscommenter says:

    Error 3334 is hurting 🙁

  51. anonymouscommenter says:

    I am also getting 3334 but if i just use normal mstsc after that I can connect to the same servers fine. To me that says it has to be RDCMan or something with the integration of it and RDP.

  52. anonymouscommenter says:

    Errro 3334 is getting a bit annoying…any change there is going to be an update or do we need to switch to another rdp program? I actually quite like this program much! thanks for any response!

  53. anonymouscommenter says:

    It’s driving me crazy too! I can open a few sessions but then the 3334 error crops up. Anyone help??

  54. anonymouscommenter says:

    Same Problem here. Trying to open 6 sessions at a time, have to try about 10 times to get all 6 open at the same time. Pls fix this soon!

  55. anonymouscommenter says:

    Same Problem here. Trying to open 6 sessions at a time, have to try about 10 times to get all 6 open at the same time. Pls fix this soon!

  56. anonymouscommenter says:

    Awesome tool, but I get 3334 at times when connecting to 2012 servers. I can still connect fine to 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, and Windows 7 machines fine when this is happening. The only workaround is to quit and relaunch RDCMan (if it doesn’t finally generate and AppCrash before I do that).

  57. Brianlala says:

    +1 on the 3334 error. Might be time to start looking at alternatives… what (free?) RDP client have the other folks on this thread switched to, now that RDCMan is essentially unusable for multiple connections on Win8.1/Server 2012?

  58. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi! Sometimes, for my collegue, the RDCMan 2.2 crashes. After it, he is unable to tell us, what servers he had to connect before. Is any way to sign – for exampe, with colours – the lastly connected computers in a list ?

    Other questions:
    – Is the version 2.5 official ? (If yes, then what the changes, and where can I get from ? )
    – Have a chance for a closer update for this tool ?

    Thanks the help.

  59. anonymouscommenter says:

    Yes same issues here!?! Is anyone working on a fix for this? Would hate to lose such a super awesome tool!

  60. anonymouscommenter says:

    error 3334?

    same to you all!
    (win 7 sp1 > win 2012 , win 8.1 pro > win 2012)

    very annoying!

  61. anonymouscommenter says:

    Yeah, the 3334 error is a bummer with 8.1- 2012 R2. Hope they can get a fix out at some point.

  62. anonymouscommenter says:

    There will be new versions of it?

  63. anonymouscommenter says:

    People are asking for it over here as well, but as we know, it’s an "internal" tool only right now. We need version 2.5 made public:

  64. anonymouscommenter says:

    I use this tool EVERY (work) DAY!! It has been immensely useful, I don’t know how I could survive without this tool at this point. Great for managing single and inherited credentials. Not Bulky like some of the third-party alternatives. Only has a few
    bugs, that a good restart of the program can take care of. Would love to see the same tool with just some bug fixes. Works awesome on Windows Server and all Windows 7 through 8.1. Love it!!

  65. Matt Br says:

    I believe there is a fix for this issue. "DaFrog" on the mRemoteNG support site suggested using Visual Studio to change the executable on that app and I tried it with RDCMan.exe and it also seems to work. Here is the suggested fix – just replace mremote.exe
    with your RDCman.exe file:

    "So the workaround must be to get your hand on Visual Studio, open the "Visual Studio Command Shell", cd to your mRemote directory, make a backup of your mRemote.exe then run "editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE mRemote.exe" and thats it! you can now open all the sessions
    your RAM allows you to"

  66. JulianOrange says:

    There is a free alternate here:
    The RDCman config file can easily be adjusted to match the XML of multidesk too.
    Hopefully MS can fix rdcman.

  67. anonymouscommenter says:

    Recently seen v2.7 in use during a demo from a Microsoft specialist. Hope they decide to update the public release

  68. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi and thanks for the great tool.

    Is there any way to use RDS Virtual Chanels ( ) with it?
    Looks like rdcman just ignores HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftTerminal Server ClientDefaultAddIns key where plugin DLLs are listed.

  69. anonymouscommenter says:

    A search ability built in would be great. I have tons of servers in there and folders only get me so far. Also, if we can add colors to the names, it would help distinguish things.

  70. anonymouscommenter says:

    Great tool – version 2.2 but has a couple of issues working against Windows Server 2012 R2.
    1. 3334 error when opening several sessions.
    2. Cannot logoff server (msg cannot enumerate sessions)
    Trying the visual studio fix

  71. anonymouscommenter says:

    Okay, so I tried the visual studio “fix” and it did change the timestamp on the .exe file and I can connect to a few more servers than before when selecting “Connect Group” but I’m still getting 3334 errors on some of the servers and when I double click each one of the failed servers individually, they continue to get the 3334 errors. However, if I close the program and then double click on those same servers that got the 3334 error, they will connect fine.

  72. anonymouscommenter says:

    Yes, the visual studio fix helps keep the errors from happening sooner, but you still will eventually get the 3334 errors. I really wish they would just give us an updated version.

  73. Eric Rees says:

    Yup, I’m moving over to Server 2012 now (from Server 2008) and I’m seeing the same issue.

    Working from Windows 8.1 (update 1)
    Working with Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.2 build 2.426
    Connecting to Windows Server 2012 R2 physical and virtual servers
    I cannot connect with more then 5 sessions at a time or I get the 3334 error.

    Rather annoying I would say…..

  74. anonymouscommenter says:

    I agree that Microsoft should release the new version. I understand that they want the perfect product, but what we are using now is no longer working due to the OS upgrades. give us the less broke tool so we can take the step forward with you!! Please!!!

  75. anonymouscommenter says:

    +1 here on the request to fix the Error 3334 problem. I use this tool every day and elimination of this error would be extremely helpful. Thanks for the great free tool… Please try to fix this error!

  76. anonymouscommenter says:

    Will there be a new version of Remote Desktop Connection Manager? Connecting Server 2012 machines too painful

  77. Please Microsoft provide an update for this tool for Windows Server 2012 and R2…. it is such a good tool it should be officially supported. Otherwise, take it off the download page.
    So many people use it, it is easy and effective to use, but… it needs updating!!!

  78. anonymouscommenter says:

    Please update this tool for 2012 R2. The OOM errors are becoming a hassle.

  79. anonymouscommenter says:

    same error 3334, Please update this tool.

  80. anonymouscommenter says:

    There is a fix for 3334 problem (rebuilding the exe with LARGEADDRESSAWARE) but there is a bigger issue which is the memory leak. You just can’t leave this program running any more, it will consume memory at around 15KB / second on top of whatever memory
    is needed for each connection. I’m not sure what changed, this program has worked fine for me for several years, so I can only assume a recent Windows Update has changed some of the underlying system components which is causing the leak. This software does
    seem to be abandoned, so that leaves us all with little choice but to use alternative software from third parties. It’s a shame.

  81. anonymouscommenter says:

    +1 on releasing a new version. I use it every day from Windows 8.1 (Upd1) and it is getting very annoying to be kicked out/not being able to connect to more than 5 sessions.

  82. anonymouscommenter says:

    MS needs to address a 64-bit version of RDCManager. The current version will only allow 6 Server 2012 sessions. We have very narrow maintenance windows we need to be able to remote into up to 20 servers at a time.

  83. anonymouscommenter says:

    The 3334 error needs to be resolved. This has become a big issue for our environment as we begin to roll out 2012 R2 for our production servers.

  84. anonymouscommenter says:

    While trying to RDP into 2012R2 servers, I am able to connect to 4 or 5 of them but after that I get "disconnected from "machine name". Would someone address this because it’s very annoying. I have to close out of the program and reopen it in order to
    make the connection.

  85. anonymouscommenter says:

    Forgot to mention that yes I am getting the same error 3334. Please help!!!

  86. anonymouscommenter says:

    +1 on the 3334 errors

  87. Felipe Gaviria says:

    Open "Visual Studio Command Shell", cd to your RDCman directory, make a backup of your RDCman.exe then run "editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE RDCman.exe" and thats it! you can now open all the sessions your RAM allows you to

    Where I found the workaround:

  88. Felipe Gaviria says:

    To fix the 3334 errors:

    Open "Visual Studio Command Shell", cd to your RDCman directory, make a backup of your RDCman.exe then run "editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE RDCman.exe" and thats it! you can now open all the sessions your RAM allows you to.

  89. anonymouscommenter says:

    Feature Suggestion – when a remote desktop goes to the lock screen the password must be re-entered to unlock it. Now that we have this great tool to keep track of the screens and passwords, it would be great if there was an option under "Session" to resend
    the credentials to unlock the screen. Otherwise, it is still necessary to go lookup the password and type it in manually.

  90. anonymouscommenter says:

    Agree with everyone, great tool. Please try and get a public update released.

  91. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m getting an authentication error has occurred code 0x8007ffff when installed on server 2012 and trying to connect to remote laptops or desktops

  92. Thanks Rhoderick, i have a problem with mine, if i open up a couple of servers it terminates RDCMan and then i have to start again. Windows 7 did this but also experiencing the same on windows 8.

  93. anonymouscommenter says:

    Really Need a fix for this!!!

  94. anonymouscommenter says:

    I always suspected the RDCMan error 3334 had something to do with memory limitations. Here is the fix:

    1) Download (free) Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop to get the editbin.exe binary.
    2) cd "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0VCbin" (or wherever you installed it)
    3) editbin "C:Program Files (x86)Remote Desktop Connection ManagerRDCMan.exe" /LARGEADDRESSAWARE
    4) Enjoy RDCMan as it should be!


  95. anonymouscommenter says:

    error 3334!! How irritating. Agreeing with all here.

  96. anonymouscommenter says:

    I cannot begin to describe how much I have loved this program over the years, and I use it daily. This program does for remote sessions what tabbed browsing did for viewing the web. I already have twenty windows open on my desktop. Do not make me open
    twenty more to connect to servers. Microsoft, please release a newer version to the public including the fix for error 3334.

  97. anonymouscommenter says:

    same problem here… Win 8.1 Host, try connect to 13x win 2012 R2 server…. a year ago there was no problem to handle this amount of connections simultanly. now error 3334 or the rdcmanager crashes no more then 8 simultan connections possible….. thank
    you for your notice

  98. anonymouscommenter says:

    In the normal RDP you have the option to use clear type so you can read the fonts much better. With RDCMan connecting, clear type is always off. You can activate it, but it’s gone the next time you log on. With RDP it works. Can you add such a feature?

  99. anonymouscommenter says:

    i just not understand why Microsoft dont fix it its easy

  100. Mysticlead says:

    I’m using this RDCM 2.2 tool from windows 8.1 Enterprise pretty cool but often it gives 3334 error, when we really wants to see the server this frustrating things pops up. Why MS don’t fixed the issue we are running our data-center think how many server
    we have to look on. Should I write a letter to Bill Gates to look in to this matter.

  101. Mysticlead says:

    ************** Got the fix ***************
    check Shawn website for the solution

    While doing this Close the RDCM from your system otherwise it gives fatal error

    1) install Visual studio 2012 or any VS version on the computer
    2) Run below command from command prompt with admin privileges

    editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE "c:Program Files (x86)Remote Desktop Connection ManagerRDCMan.exe"

    If command runs successfully, you will receive a success message.
    it will fix the issue & you can take more remotes of you servers.

  102. anonymouscommenter says:

    About the 3334 error from:

    For a try, please check below settings and let us know the result.
    1. On the system where you run RDCMan, Run "dcomcnfg.exe"
    2. Expand Component Services, My Computer, Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
    3. Right click on "Local DTC" and select properties.
    4. Click the "Security" tab
    5. Check the "Network DTC Access" box.
    6. Under "Transaction Manager Communication", select the "No Authentication Required" radio button.

    Remote Desktop Connection Manager can only open 6 sessions at a time on Server 2012

  103. anonymouscommenter says:

    Please release v2.7. This solution has issues with 8.1 & 2012 R2.

  104. anonymouscommenter says:

    Connected to an OU in AD.

    I have a server OU and a Desktop OU – it would be great to have these listed as available connected devices.

    Also – seems to be a bug in how connections are handled – there seems to be a limitation to open connections – so when connecting to more than six VM’s an error 3344 occurs. have to disconnect some servers to connect to others – wold it be possible to ‘idle’
    inactive connections?

  105. anonymouscommenter says:

    Copied RDG-file and getting "unable to decrypt password" since then.
    What to do?

  106. anonymouscommenter says:

    The venerable Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) 2.2 was starting to show its age. After a slight

  107. petervdp says:

    Great tool!

    But v2.7 seems to contain a bug. IPv6 addresses are no longer supported as it was in v2.2. When using a plain IPv6 address, a DNS lookup is attempted which then fails.

    I went back to v2.2.


  108. anonymouscommenter says:

    I experience the same issue with 2.7. IPv6 addresses are not supported any more 🙁 feels like a step back instead of forward. It would be great if either IPv6 addresses can be supported in the old way or surrounding them with brackets (like the browsers

  109. anonymouscommenter says:

    Thanks for upgrading this tool. Unfortunately, I’m having issues logging into Server2012R2 servers. I get an error message ‘The user account credentials must be reentered’. I also have an issue logging off from servers with the tool, as noted in this error
    message ‘Unable to enumerate remote sessions’. Does anyone have a fix for these issues?

  110. anonymouscommenter says:

    Thanks for this great tool.

    I would like to have the same for a VNC environment. Does anyone have any ideas?????

  111. anonymouscommenter says:

    as everyone said that tool is very useful. but there is a problem. I backup my rdg file and formatted my pc. after I copied it to my pc. when I open it it says error decrypted password. all my pasword has gone. what will I do

  112. anonymouscommenter says:

    I also get this error. I have cleaned up all that I can but there is still one profile that says error decyrptying password. Is there a fix for this?

  113. anonymouscommenter says:

    Why not open source this project? 🙂

  114. anonymouscommenter says:

    please fixed decrypting passwords PLEASEEEEEEE !!!!!

  115. Krystal says:

    Good afternoon,
    The 2.2 download is what I need for business purposes, however it shows the URL is no longer available. The newer versions do not operate correctly with what we have. Is there another URL that I can try, to get what I need? Thanks.

  116. it says:

    broken link leads in a circle

    1. 2.2 is no longer available for download – please use the 2.7 download link.

      I will note that in the post.


      1. StevenSpray says:

        The scaling on 2.7 is still terrible. Each time I rebuild my PC and download 2.7, I recall I have to revert back to 2.2 because of the resolution/scaling issue. Why is this not being fixed? Surely I can’t be the only one doing this.

  117. Scott Millspaugh says:

    I am having issues with the new version. My client are is stuck in custom causing me to scroll — its maddening

    1. cfizz34 says:

      the font in the list/tree view is so large and bigger than everything on my computer and its driving me batty!!!! how can i fix it?

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