How To Maximize Exchange Administrator Productivity With PowerShell–Part 1

As a Microsoft Exchange Server focused Premier Field Engineer I spend a considerable amount of my time with customers at their work place and also when they attend training courses and workshops that I deliver. Naturally people want to talk and learn about the cool new features in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010, which is…


Change DAG to DHCP

One of the great changes to Exchange 2010 SP1 was that a DAG static IP address can be set using the EMC.  Prior to this in RTM the EMS had to be used to set a static IP.  An example of this would be: Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity TailspinDAG1 -DatabaseAvailabilityGroupIpAddresses (note this is a single line…


Exchange 2007 Component Architecture Poster

These are oldies but goodies.  Posting links as requested. Update: I Created a Deep Zoom of the posters so that it is easy to scroll around in a browser or mobile device.  Click the toggle  button at the bottom right hand corner to enter full screen mode.   Exchange 2007 Component Poster Deep Zoom  …


Outlook & Restricting DAG Cross-Site Connections

This post is to clarify that a previously discussed feature that was intended for Exchange 2010 SP1 is not present in the SP1 final build. Update:  This feature is now live in the Exchange 2010 SP2 RU3 build of Exchange.  The feature I am referring to is the allow/block cross site RPC Client Access connections. …


Exchange 2007 & 2010 Least Cost Routing

Exchange 2007 & 2010 use a different message routing design than Exchange 2003.  This is an important aspect to understand when transitioning from Exchange 2003 upwards due to the change in behaviour.   TechNet has articles that discuses these concepts : Exchange 2010  Exchange 2007  Exchange 2003   Exchange 2007 and 2010 base…


Exchange & The Autodiscover Web Service

In the Exchange 2003 world and below, those administrators looking to automate and control the behaviour of MAPI profiles on user’s desktops quickly became familiar with tools like: ORK (Office Resource Kit) .PRF Files .OPS files (from the Office Profile wizard) PROFGEN PRFPATCH ExProfRe   For a refresher on such joys  of .PRF files etc….


Exchange 2010 White Papers

  Some featured white papers on the Exchange TechNet site:   Technical White Papers for Exchange Server 2010    White Paper: Understanding the Relative Costs of Client Access Server Workloads in Exchange Server 2010    White Papers: Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions   Cheers, Rhoderick


Remote Desktop Connection Manager Download (RDCMan) 2.2

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a great tool to consolidate multiple RDP connections into a single window to prevent desktop clutter. Update 19-11-2014: RDCMan 2.7 is now available. Please see here. Update 29-3-2017: 2.2 is no longer available for download – please use the 2.7 download link.   The tool can be downloaded from…


End Of Exchange 2010 RTM Support

The Exchange 2010 RTM (Release To Manufacturing) build has now reached the end of its support lifecycle.  Customers should upgrade to SP1 to continue to receive support (amongst many other good reasons!).    The Exchange 2010 lifecycle can be viewed here:   Full details about the Microsoft lifecycle policy can be viewed here   …


Best way ever to install required OS components for Exchange 2010 SP1 install!

My good friend Dan wrote a great blog entry about automating the installation of the required Windows OS prerequisites for an Exchange 2010 install.  You can read it here.  Over and above this, Exchange 2010 SP1 adds a new setup switch  /InstallWindowsComponents Exchange 2010 SP1 Setup has been improved to allow you to install the…