Read the Prescan log…CARFEFULLY!

I thought I would start putting my experiences from the field here when I encounter either a strange occurrence or when I pull my hair out trying to figure out something and it reveals something extraordinary. I had one of “those” sessions—you know, the ones where you call Microsoft Premier Support and it lasts for…


BPOS – What is it?

A lot of people are asking about Business Productivity Online Services these days.  Microsoft is betting the farm on S+S/SaaS/Cloud Computing. Software as a Service has long been a buzz word coming out of Redmond as well as the term “Cloud Computing”. SharePoint Online launched last year and now boasts one of the most robust…


MOSS Pre-Installation Health Check

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged on this before, but I think its of great value to those who install and configure SharePoint. Yesterday @MossLover tweeted that the audit policy settings on a server had caused the installation of MOSS to fail during PSCONFIG.  I can totally understand where and why this happens.  Sometimes…


A Triple Double Upgrade – PART 1

As most know, SharePoint 2010 has reached a few fortunate people in the world for them to get an advanced preview of it.  The SharePoint Community is totally awash in buzz around it while trying to be true to their Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  Some, however, have exhibited irrational exuberance which resulted in them breaking their…


Robust Home Network

Amazing the chatter that happens on Twitter these days. Some colleagues of mine @Bfox11b, @andrewconnell, and @michaeltnoel were talking about their home networks to do testing, etc.  It is a wide known fact that I run a pretty nice network with which to run Exchange, SQL and SharePoint for my family.  All of my kids…


My last project while a Microsoft Blue Badge

My former team-mate Bill Baer posted this link today and I thought I would do the same. This was an incredible project to work on.  What a headache, but at the same time–it was doing something NO ONE IN THE WORLD was doing yet.  


Name Resolution and SharePoint

SharePoint uses name resolution to find other servers just like any other application.  But what happens when your infrastructure uses different types of name resolution?  Don’t think there would be a problem, right?  That’s what I thought. When you set up your server’s OS (operating system) you configure its network setting to get them from…


Claims Based Authentication – An Overview

I thought I would discuss a little about what Claims Auth (ClaimsAuth) is and why its important for you to know.  In an article from Network World, it was stated that Claims Authentication is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 and understanding it will assist administrators in designing and maintaining robust infrastructures and help make…