Why I haven’t blogged

I had a discussion with a colleague from the Product Group last night as to why I don't blog often (or ever) concerning the technical aspects of SharePoint.  My angle was that I work with some talented folks who spend considerable amounts of time blogging about SharePoint and I choose to help the Community in other ways:  Speaking at conferences, answering questions via email or IM, participating in Ask The Experts (ATE), et al.  He countered that there needs to be a balance.  He asserted that I need to provide "collateral" to the Community that they could use that woud help them in their implementations and such.

Normally I would smile and just go my merry way, but this time his words had teeth.  I won't go into the specifics, but now I have a vested interest in doing so.  Hence, Starting today I will start blogging regularly here about SharePoint (MOSS, WSS, etc).  My *other* blog can be found at http://slickrickistheman.spaces.live.com which has every day stuff.


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