Going to the Edge

 It's a new segment for EDGE, a sister channel to the famous Channel9 from Microsoft.  My office mate Bill Baer and I were offered our own subchannel called the "RnB Show".  It's a show targeted at ITPros who want to know more about SharePoint.  We'll have plenty of content for Admins as well as Architects and Engineers.  There will even be content for ITPros who have nothing to do with SharePoint.  Our show will be different from the rest of the content you will find on that channel in that we will have "off the wall" humor and music and the like.  One of our shows will be filmed in the Caribbean as we take our show on the road.  We'll also film in Portland, OR next week and in Berlin in January.


I'm excited about the opportunity and the potential to make a difference in how Microsoft Corp is perceived and helping the SharePoint Community at large.  We're going to make a HUGE difference and I'm excited about it!!  Our first filming is this week where we will be talking about Forms Based Authentication in a hosted environment.

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