Lync for Mac 14.0.9 Released!

Announcing the release of Lync for Mac 14.0.9! Here are some of the issues addressed within 14.0.9 (Please read the release KB for more information): •             Substantial improvement in Desktop Sharing (~10x throughput improvement) •             Top few Watson crashes fixed •             Location Awareness (LIS server for location) implemented •             E-911 support implemented •             Ability to…


Microsoft Lync for Mac 2011 14.0.8 Released!! Maverick support!!

Issues that the update fixes The update resolves the following issues: 2952676 – Delegate doesn’t receive notification when you set delegation by using Lync for Mac 2011 2952671 – Update enables Lync for Mac 2011 to run in Mac OS X Maverick


Feature Integration across Microsoft Office Server Products

I ran across this document a couple of weeks back that illustrates how Integration flows work within the SharePoint, Exchange, Lync Server, and Office Web Apps products. Great for quick refresher on how these systems integrate together within Office 15. Illustrations for cross-server features: This multi-tab file includes descriptions and architecture illustrations for features that work across…

OCS 2007R2 migration to Lync 2010 Live Meeting problems

I ran into another situation that could have a big impact on your OCS to Lync migration. If you are migrating OCS 2k7R2 users to Lync you might want to read the warning on Lync 2010 CU7. When you go to download the Installer (link) under the Overview section you will find the warning below….

Dial-out Conferencing for non-Enterprise Voice users

We recently ran into a problem with one of my customers around Lync Dialin Conferencing. The problem was around using the “Call me at:” feature while joining the audio portion of Lync online meetings. Unfortunately we found out that in order for this dial back to succeed either the organizer or the participant must be…


Question the PFE!

In addition to creating blog posts regularly hopefully every (1-2 weeks) I want to add something else. I want to encourage followers and the community to ask questions through "Email Blog Author". Once I get a couple questions I will do my best to answer them and create a Q\A post. Feel free to ask anything pertaining to Exchange or Lync.


My path to becoming a Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineer)

Hi All…I started my career with Microsoft about 2.5 months ago as a PFE (Premier Field Engineer) and wanted to share with everyone the details of my journey. Since you are reading this blog I am going to assume that for the most part you know what PFE is. If not then let me direct…


Introduction and Posts

Now that I have settled into my position as a PFE at Microsoft I can start blogging. In future posts I will share various things I come across in the field pertaining primarily to  Exchange and Lync. My plan is to create at least 1 full blog post every 2 weeks and also a blog…