Federation Call Flow Skype for Business and Lync clients

We always have requests from customers and other engineers to do articles containing edge and federated call flows. While working with another engineer internally (we will call him Jasco J) we started debating and came up with various answers. Since we couldn't agree on an answer we decided to ping some other Lync experts (JimmyV,…


Lync 2013 Delegates Pt.2 (Lync Enterprise Voice enabled delegation)

In the first part of this article we discussed delegation within Lync and Outlook\Exchange when the user was not enabled for Enterprise Voice (EV). Now we will explore what that process looks like if the Delegator (Manager) is EV enabled.  I will also create a part 3 as per request to look at what happens…


Lync 2013 Delegates Pt.1 (Non Lync Enterprise Voice enabled delegation)

Lately I have seen some confusion around delegates between Exchange and Lync that I wanted to help clear up. The unknown variable seems to be whether the user needs to be enabled for Enterprise Voice within Lync to setup Exchange delegates. Exchange delegates within Lync can be setup regardless of whether or not the user…


Resetting CLS Configuration

I was recently working with a customer that was having problems with running CLS logging. When we ran any of the CLS commands we would get the error message below. We found that we would need to "Reset" the CLS configuration and see if that resolved the issue, which it did. When running the commands…


SQL Query – find FederatedPIC conversations

One of my customers recently needed to find out how many internal users were talking to aol.com users via Lync. I wrote the script below which can be edited for any Federated\PIC domain.   This will display both users in the conversation URIs and the Session time. If you just wanted a total count you…


Lync 2013 iPad 2 iOS 7.1 AudioVideo Issue

The Lync 2013 for iPad client cannot place or receive audio or video calls when the client is hosted on iPad 2 devices that are running iOS 7.1. Microsoft is aware of this design issue and will address this problem in future builds of the Lync 2013 for iPad client. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2955745


Sample Lync Persistent Chat Archive Report

After receiving multiple requests for a way to report on Lync Persistent Chat Archive Data (from the mgccomp Compliance database) I decided to create this sample report. One problem with querying for this data directly from the mgccomp database is that the Persistent Chat rooms aren't listed by name and the Messages are in RTF format. This…


Lync 2013: Force Address Book Download Registry Keys

Recently while working in my lab I wanted to force the address book to update with the Lync 2013 client. This is a fairly straight forward process as all you have to do is import a registry key (or wait randomized time between 1-60 mins which is the default). After importing the key and found…


Lync 2013 KHI and CQM Poster now available!

Key Health Indicators: The Foundation for Maintaining Healthy Lync Servers http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41697   Lync Call Quality Methodology poster http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41698

Lync 2013 Centralized Logging (CLS) – customizing scenarios

If you've had to troubleshoot server side issues in an OCS\Lync environment then you are familiar with OCSLogger.exe tool. The OCSLogger tool is installed as part of the debugging tools which can be download from the Microsoft Download Center (link below). Although this is a great tool for collecting data it has one major downside…