Series: Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013 Integration with AsteriskNOW PBX Pt. 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series we configured AsteriskNOW PBX and connected it to our Lync 2013 environment. Now to complete our configuration we will integrate Lync 2013 with Exchange 2013 for Unified Messaging. I am going to assume you already have Exchange 2013 installed, configured, and the latest patches installed. If…


Series: Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013 Integration with AsteriskNOW PBX Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this series I went through the process of setting up our AsteriskNOW PBX. Now in Part 2 we need to connect the AsteriskNOW PBX to our Lync 2013 environment. We will break this down into 4 primary steps. First step will be to configure AsteriskNOW SIP trunk to route calls to Lync,…


Series: Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013 Integration with AsteriskNOW PBX Pt. 1

Recently I have been involved in a couple of projects which required both Lync EV and Exchange UM. In order to do some testing I needed to get some kind of PBX into my lab environment. After searching the internet I found a ton of information but not a single source that showed all the…


Finally on Twitter!! @rischwen

I have finally created a twitter account ( which is long overdue. I will use this account to announce blogs posts, PhillyExUG Updates, and other various Lync\Exchange related news.


Exchange 2013: Store, FAST, and ESE Cache Demystified…Hopefully!

After getting great community response on my Exchange 2013 Mail flow Demystified blog I decided to do a similar one on Store, FAST, and ESE Cache. Much like mail flow a lot has changed with Exchange 2013 in terms of Store. So hopefully I can help clarify exactly what has changed in 2013 with these…


Question the PFE: March 2013 Edition

**Update – Per the Exchange Team Blog ( Exchange 2013 RTM CU1 is currently planned for an April 2nd release. Question 1: I want to deploy Exchange 2013. Can I do this now that 2010 SP3 is out? PFE Answer1: Short answer is “Not if you want to be supported”. Although Exchange 2010 SP3  is…


Exchange 2013 Logging and Space Requirements

There are a lot of changes that were incorporated into Exchange 2013 both from an Architecture and Operational standpoint. One of these changes is something that can be overlooked very easily so I wanted to point out the reasoning behind this change and what to expect. If you look at the disk space requirements for…


Exchange 2010 SP3, SP2 RU6, and Exchange 2007 SP3 RU10 released!

The much anticipated Exchange 2010 SP3 has been released along with SP2 RU6 and 2007 SP3 RU10. There are links below to the actual KB articles below. Note the excerpt below about coexistence between Exchange 2010 SP2 and Exchange 2013. NOTE: Exchange 2010 SP3 allows Exchange 2010 servers to coexist with Exchange 2013 CU1, which…

Question the PFE: January 2013 Edition

I did get a couple of questions from users this month which hopefully I can answer. Again please feel free to contact me through “Email Blog Author” with any Exchange\Lync questions you may have. I will post these questions at the end of every month. Question 1: What steps should I be taking to further…

Exchange 2013 Default DB

When you first install an Exchange 2k13 Mailbox Database you will notice there is a default database named something like below. You can access this by going to the EAC (https://fe1/ecp), Servers, Databases or using the EMS command Get-MailboxDatabase. Most Administrators are going to want to either change this default name or delete this database….