SfB iOS Dialing behavior changes

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about new behavior with the SfB iOS Application.

After you upgrade to the Skype for Business for iOS application on your iPhone or iPad, you notice that +1 is now automatically added to the number entry field. This may cause a problem for customers who dial by using an extension or who have other custom dialing behaviors. 

For example, if customers are used to dialing 5000 to call an external DID, the dialing rules may not expect +15000, and therefore the call may fail for this user.


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  1. Thanks Richard! I ran into this twice today.

  2. vitaly says:

    For what reason removed "Call Forwarding Settings" in SfB molile client on iOS?

  3. Vitaly…Call Fowarding is going to be included in a future release…

  4. Pierre-Luc Roy says:

    Hello Richard,
    Just quick question. Do it’s only for US/Can localization or people with other country code it’s still add the +1?

  5. Bruce says:

    It seems to add the country prefix by default when you go to dial. For me this means +61 is automatically added when manual dial is selected. So yes well affect everyone in all countries. I can’t find anywhere to change this behaviour.

  6. Yes it will add + country code. There isn’t a way to change this behavior.

  7. John says:

    Richard, Great article as always.

    Any plans to update this last year article Lync 2013 High Availability deep dive: Architecture for SfB 2015?

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