Resetting CLS Configuration

I was recently working with a customer that was having problems with running CLS logging. When we ran any of the CLS commands we would get the error message below. We found that we would need to "Reset" the CLS configuration and see if that resolved the issue, which it did. When running the commands below it will reset the entire CLS configuration to the defaults meaning any custom scenarios will be removed.

1.     Run Get-CsClsConfiguration to determine whether there is only a global config or also site level configs. If there are site level configs perform step 2 and if there is only a global config proceed to step 3.

2.     Remove-CsClsConfiguration –Identity Site:<sitename>

3.     Remove-CsClsConfiguration –Identity Global

4.     Run Get-Service RTCCLSAGT | Restart-Service on all Lync 2013 Servers

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Thai says:

    Hi Richards
    Is there a way to backup the customized scenarios first before removing the configuration?


  3. akj says:

    this tool doesn’t works anyway. everytime I try to run this I found these options greyed out
    1. start tracing
    2. stop tracing
    3. export logs
    4. always on

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