Lync 2013 Client February 2014 Updates…Office SP1!!

The Lync Team announced today on their blog that the Office SP1 update released is the February Lync Desktop Client update (CU5). I haven’t seen anything pertaining to a standalone download or install. Will update this article if I find out anything else about this.

 Features included in the February Update:

  • Toggle pictures of sender/receiver
  • Support of high-resolution monitors (200% scaling mode)
  • Transfer files and pictures in a Persistent Chat room

 The version number of the client has changed to 15.0.4569.1503 and MSO 15.0.4569.1506.


Another thing that I noticed has changed are the emoticons.

    Pre SP1                                                                                Post SP1


Here is the KB about the Description of Microsoft Office 2013 SP1

  • 2919506 Can't hear the first few words that a callee speaks when they answer a call in Lync 2013
  • 2919507 The "Program Events" sound setting is reset to the default value after you restart Lync 2013
  • 2919508 Can't rotate the screen orientation of a video window in a Lync 2013 video conference on a Windows 8.1-based device
  • 2919510 A pie chart clock icon appears in the "Conversations" tab as a meeting icon in Lync 2013


There are a few issues that pertain to Lync within the release of SP1.

Persistent Chat file transfer fails between an external user and an internal user in Lync 2013

Assume that a user (user A) installs Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) on a Lync 2013 client. Then, user A tries to send a file to another user (user B) in a Persistent Chat room by using the client. In this situation, user A may encounter the following issues:

  • If user A is an external user and user B is an internal user, user A cannot send the file. Additionally, user A will receive error ID 70.
  • If user A is an internal user and user B is an external user, user A cannot send the file. Additionally, user A will receive the following error message: error in transfer

To work around this issue, you must publish an A record to point to the public IP address of the router on the external Domain Name System (DNS) side. The router port must be forwarded to the external IP of Threat Management Gateway.

Note This workaround does not apply to all environments. For example, the internal DNS name may not be publishable in external DNS in some environments.


Memory leak occurs during a video call or when you rest the mouse pointer on a video icon in Lync 2013

Assume that you install Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or the November, 2013 update for Lync 2013 on a computer. The computer uses accelerated H.264 video encoding based on Intel chipsets that have HD Graphics 2000 or a later version. Then, you make a video call or you rest the mouse pointer on a video icon in Lync 2013. In this situation, at least 60 megabytes (MB) of memory will leak in Lync 2013. The memory leak will persist until you restart Lync 2013.

This issue may be resolved in the Lync 2013 update that is dated April 2014.

Comments (312)

  1. Its not good for official use old one is good just need an upgrade. But latest one is not looking good.

  2. Ed (DareDevil57) says:

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Grossetti Sรฉbastien (GfK) says:

    +1 for horrible รฉmoticons!

    Furthermore, text selection is totally buggy.
    From what I hear around me, no oe can easily select text in chat Windows (to copy/paste, for example).

    Looks like the basic need to send text data to someone else. Why should user struggle and loose time on such basic thing??

    Come on, Microsoft’s Lync is supposed to enhance collaboration, and make us gain time…

    Please fix that (and change icons, too :))

  4. Yesterday my mother tried to IM me in an emergency but didn’t understand the new emoticons. I couldn’t get there in time because I had also run the update and had no idea that she was trying to send the serious smiley face. Long story short, she’s in critical
    condition and we’re hoping she’ll pull through. If only I had gotten there sooner. Also, you can cast your vote for bringing back the old emoticons here:

  5. BrentN says:

    Doesn’t much matter, but I also dislike the new emoticons. Microsoft fails to understand (yet again) that end users (and technical folks!) enjoy this sort of aspect of a product. People get passionate about things they enjoy. Emoticons are just one way
    a lot of us put a "smile" in our stressful work day. When you change something like this people are of course going to be upset – especially when you make things worse.

    On an unrelated note, I agree with ‘Peter from the Netherlands’ – the copy paste functions in conversations are terrible; basically useless because they don’t work correctly.

  6. Ed (DareDevil57) says:

    thank you

  7. Wow…A lot of dislike here ๐Ÿ™‚ I understand the whole disliking them but some of the comments about wanting to stop using a top notch product because of something like emoticons sounds ridiculous. I can do my best to express my readers dislike to the correct people internally.

  8. JD-22 says:

    I want to apply SP1 on a machine that has Lync 2013 but Office 2010. Anybody know of a way? When downloading and running the Office 2013 SP1 install, it fails stating that it doesn’t find the expected version of the software. I assume it’s looking at Office 2010.

  9. @Everyone – wow alot of people are really happy about these emoticons ๐Ÿ™‚ I will bring this up internally and see what might be done.

  10. MrMellie says:

    I’d also like to add another name to the list of users who are finding the line spacing unusable. I don’t want to have to maximise Lync full screen just to be able to read a few lines of conversation. Also there is an issue with resizing when opening/closing
    group chats in tabbed view. If I have lync tucked away in the bottom right corner of my screen and accept a group chat, the window resizes to a larger size which falls off the right edge of the screen and you have to drag it back on screen.

    Ctrl-Tab seems to work for me though.

  11. @All – I really appreciate all of your comments about the dislike for these new emoticons. I have taken all of your commentsfeedback and forwarded it to the appropriate groups internally to Microsoft. Please continue to use this forum as your voice on
    how this change has affected your business. I will update this thread when I have some feedback. Thanks again.

  12. Chad Simmons says:

    Seriously, how do we file a DCR for the emoticon fail? The differences are causing confusion within my global team and there is no good way to make sense of them.

  13. KrissyKam says:

    Finally! A place where I can complain about the emoticons in Lync 2013. They are appalling, except the Bane (‘sick’ smiley). Who designed those hideous emoticons?

    Please change them!

    Thank you kindly.

  14. Meema Ma says:

    Nice article

  15. MrMellie says:

    "@Everyone – wow alot of people are really happy about these emoticons :)" Surely the only people who could be happy with them are the two year olds who drew them??? Having just installed Office 2013, I’m noticing a trend that someone at Micro$oft seems
    to think we are still in the 1980’s and stuck with a 256 colour palette, This is 2014 and we have powerful computers capable of rendering millions of colours!!! Icons across the board in MS products are becoming confused and unusable.

  16. I’ll start by saying, I agree and am confused by the change. What I’m surprised at is just how passionate some people are when it comes to their emoticons. I mean, Occupy Microsoft level passionate.

  17. Deanis says:

    I just noticed the new emoticons. They’re terrible and something my 12-year-old could have drawn. WTF, MS?

  18. Aleks says:

    The emoticons are awful and the ctrl+tab to move through tabbed conversations does not work anymore, tab is captured in the typing box and combining it with control does not work.

  19. Trevor says:

    I agree on the emoticons. Why does this guy ๐Ÿ˜€ not have any teeth anymore?

  20. Trevor says:

    In fact, they’re all toothless now!

  21. Luvern says:

    note! If you’re deploying Office 2013 with SP1 using OCT (for a silent deployment), Lync and SkyDrive Pro does not install for some reason, all other products do… So don’t rush into mass deployments of Office SP1 anytime soon!

  22. Kristian says:

    Luvern: Working without issues here.

  23. Mark says:

    Love Lync, but how did these emoticons get passed acceptance?!? They’re not just bad, they’re awful. I mean really really awful. I have yet to find one of my peers that can say more for them. Please tell me there is a way to revert these back to the original ones.

  24. Confused says:

    The new emoticons are tacky and cartoonish.Also, why did the number of emoticons get reduced…? Fire the designed team that came up with them.
    The Lync 2010 emoticons were the best looking IMHO.

  25. Jamez says:

    wow, i didn’t think they could make me dislike office 2013 _more_. congratulations, microsoft!
    aleks, i’m totally with you, missing ctrl-tab for moving between conversation tabs. why remove this?

  26. Jeff25 says:

    I’m in for mentioning the godawful smilies. Also for the CTRL+TAB not switching conversations…stupid Microsoft.

    Does anyone else have a horrible issue of spacing with IMs? Occasionally if I send back to back messages to someone or they do back to me it will double or triple space between IMs.

  27. Chris says:

    I have the horrible issue of spacing with IMs! It’s awful! In a single conversation lines are double/triple spaced, and some (depending on time between sending) have a line and even more spacing. Very hard to follow a conversation. I haven’t been able to find any settings to adjust this.

  28. Alex T. says:

    What the … is going on with these ugly, horrible emoticons? Please give us the old ones back!

  29. Will R says:

    Hideous ugly emoticons… Lync has never got these right. I understand it’s a business application, but come on MS, when everyone uses emoji day-to-day, it’s about time Lync got a little more social!

  30. ML49448 says:

    I agree with the horrible emoticons. Didn’t think it would annoy me so much, but it does. Who sits around thinking they need constant updating? Give us emoji or something customizable and leave it alone forever.

  31. Thadson says:

    Shhhh, The new emoticons are Microsoft’s April Fools’ Day joke, accidentally released early… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Thadson says:

    … and we just laughed and laughed…

  33. Andy says:

    Yeah, the new emoticons are very very poor. A lot of people at our company are quite upset by this. How can I change them back?

  34. Mark McAlpine says:

    New Emoticons = MAJOR FAIL!!!!

  35. Art B says:

    Please revert the emoticons! The extra spacing also makes conversations difficult.

  36. Steph says:

    We are switching from IBM Lotus Notes with Sametime to Outlook and Lync. All of my users and those at different locations are going to be very upset when they find out that they cannot use their own emoticons that they’ve downloaded and used in Sametime.

  37. EDDIE says:

    Yes, please revert the emoticons…they weren’t that great before, but now they’re so much worse…almost all of them look alike!

    I’d also like to know why doesn’t Lync have a LOL or ROFL emoticon. We’re in the process of switching from Sametime to Lync, and sad to say, that’s one of my bigger gripes about it. Just typing lol or rofl to convey that doesn’t comes across the same way…

  38. Matt says:

    Those icons are so bad that they make me want to stop using Lync… change them back or fix them.

  39. Steven Bodnar says:

    Old emoticons, please!

  40. Fizz says:

    Not only have the emoticons been downgraded to something a child could do better than, almost all of the faces look alike and the order of them in the menu has changed, making it even more confusing!

  41. Dag Nabbit says:

    That’s the worst set of emoticons I’ve ever seen.

  42. stef says:

    I uninstalled the update to go back to pre sp1 emoticons and now the animated ones are static – FAIL

  43. Dudette says:

    Worst emoticons ever!!! I used to love using them, now I cringe every time I do ๐Ÿ˜
    Please bring back the old ones, or at least an option to choose which emoticon set you want to use

  44. Colleen Cox says:

    The new emoticons look like they were drawn by monkeys.

  45. Anonymous says:

    (This comment has been deleted per user request)

  46. Marco Janse says:

    Please Microsoft, give us the old emoticons back. I am now considering to turn of the emoticons so I can just type ๐Ÿ™‚ and ;), which are universally accepted.

  47. Nathan Johnson says:

    I agree, not the end of the world but the emotions are terrible!

  48. Mike M says:

    I am also experiencing an issue with the line spacing, it is horrible. Like others, I have not been able to find a setting to fix this.

  49. kate4 says:

    I lived for the old emoticons. Some seemed goofy or excessive, but I didn’t think it was possible to make them worse until now. Besides them being super ugly now, I miss the animated ones and all of the ones that were removed! Please help us, Richard! Also add a thumbs up please.

  50. Kcoppo says:

    Have to agree these new emoticons are just horrible. No fun anymore… And you can’t cut and paste your own.

  51. paul says:

    ๐Ÿ™ ;-( might as well use these since the new ones are worthless

  52. Andrew NV says:

    bring back old smiles!!!!! or give a chance to choose what emotional to use: oldone or “new”

  53. Dee says:

    ugly smileys, this bothers me more than I care to admit! Please remove.Please.

  54. christina says:

    Please bring back the old emoticons, or at least replace these with palatable ones. I used to love Lync but now I’m back to email conversation just for the ugliness of these.

  55. Ken says:

    The emoticons looked so bad I had to disable them to stop myself from throwing up.

  56. user says:

    I hate new emotions.They all look like toothless cartoons.

    Richard I don’t think anyone likes these based on all the above comments. Please change it back , it’s horrible.

  57. Kevin B says:

    Yeah, I’ll throw in my vote for disliking the new emoticons. It’s funny how people can become so attached to them. This revised set does look very similar to each other though. It bothers me everytime I have to look through them all to find the one I want. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Andy says:

    Thanks Richard, I think the problem is, your blog has become the only vehicle for people to express their views on this, which is probably unfair. It would be a good idea for Microsoft to run some sort of poll on this issue and see what the user base thinks. Hopefully you can get the right people to look at this page. It’s quite telling that there have not been any positive comments on the new emoticons. I agree, lync is a top notch product and has done wonders for our internal communication, it has also helps people with language or speech difficulties collaborate much more naturally with others in the organization. I just wish Microsoft would work more closely with their customers with changes like this.

  59. WTF says:

    Oh my god. I know we are a little bit late, but we just installed the update, and here is another +1 for returning to the old emoticons. Or even better, use the real emoji stuff. Microsoft FUBARed Lync this time.

  60. Ch3rub says:

    All has been said but to highlight there is more of us – yes emoticons are terrible, some of them are plain creepy as hell. please bring the old ones, ideally bring some more as well as the original ones could use some more variety. I can’t really see how anyone would like the new ones… they are just, well ugly. Emoticons turned off as I can’t look at those.

    btw. “Sick smile”y looks like Hannibal Lecter to me :O

  61. Abraham Johnson says:

    These Emoticons are amazing LOL… We used to use Communicator 2007 which had the best emoticons… then we switched to lync 2013 and I was disgusted by how ugly those emoticons were…. Now with this new update, these emoticons FINALLY have some spunk to them! Please Microsoft, NEVER GO BACK TO THOSE UGLY THINGS THAT USED TO BE LYNC’S EMOTICONS! Ignore the silly Luddites of this blog… thanks!

  62. Jared Elliott says:

    This is terrible. All of the emoticon art on our internal wiki is now broken. What were you guys thinking?

  63. NorVella says:

    Here’s another vote for NOT liking the new and UGLY emoticons.

  64. jeevan says:

    New smileys are too bad.. :'(… please change them as soon as possible. Bring some smileys like WhatsApp. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Jyoti says:

    Remove the toothless and emotionless smilies. They are terrible bring back the old ones.

  66. james says:

    The emoticons are truely awful! Obviously, as per other comments, its not going to stop us using Lync or anything, but someone needs to have a word with thier graphic designer! The smileys are toothless and emotionless, and I particularly like the 2 smoking chimneys (present!?) and the theatre mask wearing headphones (dog!?).

  67. Sean says:

    seriously..give me AIM. spacing, emoticons and hard to place windows. get it together MS

  68. Steven says:

    One of the most wonderful things about software is the ability to customize it. By the same token, when a useful piece of software does not allow any customization, it becomes much less desirable and less useful. Please allow for more attractive choices of emoticons as the current ones are almost universally perceived as being ugly. I’ve not heard *anyone* in my organization say otherwise.

  69. rod says:

    Emoticons issue might appear to be a minor thing… But obviouly it is not!!! MS please hear the people and improve this last set of awful emoticons ASAP!!

  70. Craig says:

    The emotes are a big negative – lots of people not happy with them. Bring back the old ones – if they’re not broke, don’t fix them!

  71. Nik Brown says:

    @ Richard Schwendiman
    You have taken something we all knew and loved and turned it into something sinister and unsettling. We all use ๐Ÿ˜€ and :). Why else did you put them there in the first place and who on earth decided they needed to be changed??? They were happy smiles. Now they are nasty smiles. You have changed their intonation and you don’t think it’s pertinent?

  72. antonia says:

    Also within our organisation we are not pleased (to say the least..) about these useless emoticons. We have colleagues all around the world and only few have English as their native language. With Lync you can use emoticons to provide some “intonation” to an otherwise only read text in the hope to avoid misinterpretation.
    But who seriously dares to use THESE new horrific ones?!?! One smiley face looks scarier than the other…
    Free chat programs offer a wide range of useful emoticons while a paid packaged one like Lync reduces the quantity and quality…, the mobile versions donยดt even offer any emoticons. Dear MS, it is 2014…

  73. Jose in WA says:

    Seriously, MSFT. You got to be kidding. These new emoticons are absolutely absurd. bring back the old ones, PLEASE. The next commenter below me will agree.

  74. Lil' CeCe says:

    OMGOSH, this like totally sucks. I can’t convey my messages properly anymore…UGH!!!!!! :[

  75. Alan in Seattle says:

    I luuuuv it, 5/5 will buy again

  76. Peter in the Netherlands says:

    I used to absolutely LOVE office communicator (or OC [oh-see]) as everyone called it.
    I could type stuff and it looked great, I could cut someones text and quote it back at them and it would look great. I could Cut and Paste from an XL-sheet and it would look formatted exactly right, which is what you expect… because it’s another MS product.

    Now with this new version first let me get the obvious out of the way:

    1) Emoticons are the worst ever seen, half my collegues are on the old version still so they’ve got no idea what they send me ๐Ÿ˜› this guy used to be joke/tongue in cheek, now he looks like “I need to throw up”

    2) Line spacing is terrible, especially when you cut and paste thinks… once you paste something that is indented your next line stays that way no way to get rid of it.. except CLOSING your conversation.

    3) Variation on 2 I guess.. but cutting and pasting things from XL looks horrible.. and distorted at times, how can one MS product make another one look so bad.

    Bring back the team that worked on OC and have them rework Lync, because as it stands it’s still a tool I use a lot, but I can see it USED to be so much better. This is not sentimental or me not wanting to change, these are expected functionalities that have just taken a turn for the worse.

    ps: I searched for “Lync ugly emoticons” and got here.

  77. Peter in the Netherlands says:

    Also.. I’m just curious how emoticons THIS ugly could’ve ever gotten the green light… ever. Or this whole version as a matter of fact. It looks like no amount of serious testing took place in a real office environment, or ALL the things I encounter on a daily basis would’ve been picked up.

  78. Gerald says:

    And another one that thinks the new icons are really ugly and working with them on 2560×1920 is really funny .. so – no use at all.

  79. Mikael says:

    “I understand the whole disliking them but some of the comments about wanting to stop using a top notch product because of something like emoticons sounds ridiculous”

    I think that’s the problem right there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Communicating when not in the same physical space isn’t at all the same as being able to look at and take cues from body and facial movements, smiles, eyes etc. So, we try our best to mimic a bit of that by using emoticons/smileys. In a way, quickly and easily presenting a bit more of ourselves and our feelings than we can using only letters and words. In this sense, having a useful set of emoticons isn’t just a funny add-on, it’s an essential foundation for successful communication. Important stuff.

    My suggestion: embrace emoji (this one, at least as a nicely integrated alternative. Seems to be the choice of millions. And they are adorable.

  80. Jonathan says:

    These emoticons are now miserable. Additionally, Lync should absolutely support additional emoticons. The replaced emoticons had so much more character and whimsy. Now they are just depressing. And why remove the hugs? Half the icons aren’t even as clear as they used to be. The dog, cat, snail, sheep, all creepy now.

  81. Maria says:

    Horrible emoticons!

  82. Rich says:

    Just installed the update in our office and the uptake of the emotions are not great – Please, please, please give us the older ones back – Or at least give us some acceptable icons moving forward!

  83. Jane says:

    I miss (}) and (gtr). Please revert back to the old emoticons. Or give us a choice of the type to display (it must be a bit like a font?)

  84. Travis says:

    The emoticons just went from bad to horrible. If MS’s goal was to phase them out all together, they just need to pull the plug. No sense in torturing us.

  85. Campbell says:

    Another vote down for the new emoticons, they are absolutely dreadful. Please bring back the old ones, or better still, allow us to customise them ourselves. The big smile icon looks sinister, the sick smiley looks like Hannibal Lecter, and the tongue smiley looks like he has his mouth open. Who on earth authorised these?!

  86. Campbell says:

    Additionally, having a shortcut assigned to (s) is really daft – it’s a reasonably common thing to include in paragraph(s).

  87. Roller says:

    Please put back the old emoticons. If you want to add new choices, fine. But in this case, the new are no substitute for the previous.

  88. lisa says:

    Yes, give us the old emoticons back! The new ones look evil

  89. Adrienne says:

    I agree that these emoticons are awful. Based on all the comments I’ve read about others really disliking them would lend to the lack of ridiculousness in perhaps not wanting to use a product that makes you unhappy. People use these emoticons to convey in a message what they cannot say in person…a creepy cat or toothless smiley obviously isn’t fitting the bill. Please, Microsoft….listen to your customers and fix this.

  90. Martin says:

    Yep, I have to agree, they’re really ugly… I don’t think it’s irrelevant: when you have a great app and the user interface is ugly, people don’t enjoy using it…
    I’ll say that MS should be paying more attention to this given that the whole idea behind Lync is allowing people to communicate better.

  91. Jon says:

    Adding a +100000000000000000000 to remove these absolutely HORRENDOUS emoticons…. Go back to the old ones!

    I couldn’t agree more with what Adrienne said 2 posts before mine, “People use these emoticons to convey in a message what they cannot say in person…a creepy cat or toothless smiley obviously isn’t fitting the bill”… We use Lync pretty much constantly in the office and a correctly placed emoticon can make sure the sentence you wrote gets the appropiate “meaning” when someone else reads it, but these disgusting-looking things are just creepy.

  92. Jon says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add, while I’m at it, I also can’t believe Lync STILL doesn’t remember chat window size.

  93. ian_pick says:

    arggggghhh! i never thought i’d get upset about changing some emoticons but i mean – come on! these new ones are awful – please at least revert to the old ones.

  94. DugOne says:

    Wow – I thought I would be one of only a few people to notice the change from good emoticons to horrid. Was I wrong on that one! These, dare I say ‘new’ emoticons, look to be drawn by a 2nd grader that was held back twice! Back to the original emoticons MS! NOW!!!

  95. MC says:

    New emoticons are just bad. I need ({)(bah)(} back, for reasons.

  96. George H says:

    Thank you for putting in these horrid icons – you have messed up something that was simply wonderful. I would like to imagine there was a design contest within Microsoft to see which person could dream up the worst emoticons. To validate that the winner of the contest had indeed created world-beating emoticons, it was decided to deploy them worldwide. Now that the winner has been validated, I would like to add +100000000000000000000 votes (same as Jon’s comment above) to encourage Microsoft to wipe these emoticons off the face of the earth and get back what was there previously.

    In summary, what were you people thinking??????? Did you all get hit in the head at the same time?

  97. David Bauer says:

    Worst emoticons ever!!!

  98. Gabor P says:

    Emoticons look idiot for a company used IM service. My main problem: the CTRL+TAB does not work! And having huge line spacing!

  99. msiyer says:

    Ugly smileys! Microsoft should release an update!

  100. krat says:

    Ugly smileys! No fun… The other ones moved and where easier to read. Why change something that everyone liked.

  101. Jeff Koehler says:

    I concur with Antonia. We are a global company and emoticons can and do provide further clarity to a simple or complex message. These new emoticons are simply awful … and that is an understatement. For Lync trying to be ‘open’, they keep doing stupid stuff like this … stupid also an understatement.

  102. Atul Jain says:

    Seems like Microsoft ruined the Lync 2013, that’s one of the best chat tool available. The new emoticons seems stupid and like 1900s.

  103. Oliver says:

    +1 for the old emoticons, Ctr+Tab and the old spacing.
    Never change a running system!

  104. pablo says:

    1/10 would emoticon again

  105. Bartman says:

    MS better have a fix to bring back the old Emoticons. You should FIRE whoever approved that change. Idiots

  106. Peter from the Netherlands says:

    Have you anything to share yet on the subject of Emoticons Richard Schwendiman?

  107. Peter from the Netherlands says:

    I see that (Hotmail) has deployed the same emoticons we love to hate in Lync 2013, this makes we afraid this is a Integrated Design Course Change and that we won’t be seeing any major change any time soon… which is a shame ๐Ÿ™

  108. Tim from SC says:

    Is nobody going to ask why there is a sheep? Some of these dont make any sense! And I agree, CHANGE THEM BACK!!

  109. Goofball says:

    Nice Microsoft.. Real nice… FAIL!

  110. MC says:

    I’m agree with all of you, in my case, one actualization change the movility of the emoticons, then another actualization change them again to this ugly ones? that insane… bring them back!… the old ones, including their movility, and the (BYE) emoticon… I miss it

  111. ML49448 says:

    MC – yeah, this seems to be a two-step approach. I also noticed the old emoticons were there for a short time but without the animated effects. And now they’re even worse. The tooltip descriptions for a bunch of these don’t really match up to the actual emoticons anymore.

  112. JJ says:

    A huge disappointment in these emoticons. I am definitely receiving and sending less messages after the patch. There were a few coworkers where we would just send icons in most of our messages but now we actually walk to each other’s cubicles. Maybe that’s a good thing. Fix the emoticons. Add the ability to add more icons too.

  113. Simon says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if they at least followed the same format between versions, such as Lync 2010 and Lync 2013. This is causing confusion when old or new emoticons respectively are used in chats and not everyone is on the came client.

    Let me jump on the bandwagon to say that the Lync 2013 emoticons need to be looked into, for both compatibility with older client versions as well as their design.

  114. says:

    Up grade? they call this and upgrade? How can they call the new emocticons an upgrade?

  115. Kim Mays says:

    The EMOTICONS STINK!!! BRING BACK the animations, the red angry person, these stink!! The smiling ones look like they came out of a horror movie.

  116. RubOne says:

    I find these new emoticons hard to masterbate to but I think I can still do it.

  117. Fat Amy says:

    Well… sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm… better not. Said no MS approver of these toothless meth head emoticons!

  118. RG says:

    Sorry, but I really do not like these new emoticons.. _Please_, bring back the old ones..

  119. Geekypeach says:

    Never before has an upgrade felt so much like a downgrade. I work in IT and communicate all day via IM. I’m with all of the other commenters that I never use ๐Ÿ˜€ anymore because there are no teeth and the mouth looks like a blob. I’m afraid that my cheesy
    smile won’t be taken the same way. This toothless smile is creepy. Bring back the old emoticons!

  120. LS says:

    Terrible emoticons. What were they thinking???

  121. pradeep says:

    Microsoft SUCKS!!

  122. GoOn says:

    Terrible emoticons.

  123. Joe says:

    If this is any indication of the new MS under the new CEO… I better go get a PS4 and brush up on my Linux skills. Who in their right mind would approve that change, did their kid draw those or something? Total fail.

  124. Lync Admin says:

    Worst emoticons EVER. Lync broke down, Stop, Jabber Time – You can’t use this, You can’t use this, You can’t use this, You can’t use this – Lync broke down, stop, Jabber Time!

  125. Bill Wilson says:

    Since it’s my birthday, I’ll give myself the present of adding to the volume on this one. Terrible emoticons and WE WANT OUR HUGS back. If I go into a physical meeting and see someone I’m professionally very close to, they might get a hug. But virtually
    I can no longer do that. It’s ridiculous. That’s how it’s affected my business, I can no longer properly express professional closeness with important internal and external contacts.

  126. Tonia says:

    I use Lync primarily for remote colleagues and a lot of them are ESL. This emoticons are useless now and will really cause a lot of communication issues.

  127. casey J says:

    Absolutely dreadful upgrade of the Emicons. pre SP1 you could clearly see the expression in the emicon. now you need an mangifying glass to see the expression being conveyed. What were MS thinking …..!!!!!
    Let alone retiring a number of the better ones. Defnitely a larget step backwards. Some one dropped the ball on this one and it fell into the toilet.

    BAD BAD BAD…..

  128. Ing W says:

    Richard Schwendiman – Lync is a great product but Emoticons are an important thing:

    I’ve also been moved from Lotus Notes where we could use our own downloaded and saved Emoticons. Its a small thing, but the hilarity that used to take place in the common business chat of the day brought a very needed and greatly appreciated sense of joy to
    a stressful work day. MS – PLEASE IMPROVE the Emoties or create an allowance to upload our own. PRETTY please?

  129. Pavan says:

    I really really hate these new emoticons. Who the hell in the world will have the black teeth. Is MICROSOFT telling us not to use emoticons in chat.

    BTW i came to this page looking for a way to reverse the new emoticons.

  130. meredith says:

    I also found this page hoping for a way to revert back to the old icons. As someone else said, it’s important to have additional ways to communicate non-verbally. The icons were very helpful, including the sheep. Please keep the sheep – we use it when
    someone gets off track and isn’t making relevant sense. Perfect place for a sheep… and please either bring back the old emoticons or let us import our own.

  131. Graeme says:

    These Lync emoticons suck. They look as though they were drawn with Magic Markerยฎ on toilet paper. For the love of humanity, tell us how to change them–even a hack would be appreciated.

  132. Debbie says:

    I have, like others, been searching for a way to revert my ‘smilieys’ to the pre-sp1 version. Evidently there is nothing I can do but live with these. With apologies to the creators, they are truly ugly. I have noticed I am using them less frequently than
    I previously did. I find it hard to believe they were changed to minimize size or for bandwidth considerations>

  133. Chris says:

    Just chiming in to add another organization that is highly disappointed with the change in emoticons. We recently changed off Lotus Notes to Outlook 2k13. The downgrade from Sametime to Lync was already hard to swallow, but this latest change from passable
    emoticons to these late 90s emoticons is unacceptable to many in my organization. Please revert so I don’t have to field any more calls about these atrocious emoticons!

  134. swapnil says:

    Horrible and ugly emoticons. Animations removed ! The old set was just nice.

    If you cannot make better atleast dont make them worse.

  135. Frowny says:

    Is there a problem ticket open on this that we can refer to and escalate to our account managers. Seriously thinking about forgoing a Lync 2013 upgrade and moving to webex/jabber. the product is just ugly

  136. alex says:

    OMG ICON FAIL! Who approved this blasphemy?

  137. alex says:

    Err emoticons, sorry. Got a little emotional there. (!)

  138. Eric says:

    As a former Jabber user and a current BBM user, I tend to use a lot of emoticons. I tried to do the ๐Ÿ˜€ for the first time today and it lost all of what I was saying. It makes me want to dig in and find a way to manually replace them myself. A few people
    still have the 2010 client installed and I almost want to see if I can use it instead.

  139. AB says:

    I came here looking for how to revert those new emoticons as well. They are truly creepy. Please let us have the old ones back. For now, I have turned off emoticons on Lync. I am a bonafide emoticon lover – but my nerves can only take this many toothless
    smileys before they start having a breakdown.

  140. Colin Winterborne says:

    Truly bad Icons!!!

  141. SM says:

    MS, pretty please? Give us old one…

  142. Ed says:

    Just wanted to also post my disappointment of Microsoft changing the emoticons to these amateurish images. I’m a little less happy inside every time I use the new hideous icons. Please bring back the old ones.

  143. Faisal says:

    The emoticons SUCK… lot of emotions attached to the old ones… teh new ones just take it all away and memories washed… plz bring back old ones please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Anthony Smith says:

    Just tried to give a virtual hug to a colleague. I could not. Good to see the support for the old emoticons. Restoring missing ones would be a good start.

  145. Dan_IT says:

    WTH? Did my IT department accidentally push Lync 1.0 beta with the emoticons done in crayon?

  146. Matt says:

    I assume MS’s goal was to make a running joke of these new emoticons? If so, well done! Our org makes fun of them nonstop. >_< *smh

  147. johnny says:

    Teenagers use emotions… it’s not important in a product like Lync. They are anoying anyway. Delete them all.

  148. Mike Atkinson says:

    Whether or not you use the emoticons (I can see some businesses may regard them as unprofessional) I’m flabbergasted that the new set got past quality control. I work in Commercialisation – this would be a "stop the job".

  149. Peter from the Netherlands says:

    Thanks for your feedback Richard, we’re awaiting the final verdict.

  150. canundrum says:

    the "patched" emoticons are awful; lync shows them as a certain size which overemphasizes the facial features. This makes them look sloppy with their eyes, mouth horribly blackened – they do look scary. I miss the animated wink the most.

  151. J. Connor says:

    The new emoticons are horrid. Not only are they ugly, they are smaller and there are less choices. Please revert back to the larger more personal emoticons and add bunches more. They are what make our day here at work.

  152. C says:

    That’s why MS is way behind Google & Apple.

  153. Mr. Lucas Brice says:

    It needs to be said again. The emoticons look like they were designed by a sick 3-year old.

  154. GMCD says:

    My company just upgraded to LYNC 2013 and my group and I can’t get over these hideous emoticons. They are HORRIBLE. Microsoft needs a patch, an update, something to get rid of these things. I can’t believe anyone approved these for use and this hardly
    seems like an upgrade. Total disappointment.

  155. Smiley :-) says:

    Geesh, seriously, M$?! These Lync 2013 emoticons are really bad. Why did M$ even change them? Makes no sense. I was forced to upgrade to Lync 2013 – no choice at work. When coworkers using older version of Lync send me a message, I have to look at those
    yucky-very-basic-no-creativity little things. Who ever thought of the idea to change the emoticons should go back to art *skool* and take the classes again!

  156. GSXR says:

    OK – the "present" looks creepily like 9/11, everyone’s toothless, no more hugs, etc. – was the Lync 2013 DEV team all muzzies? This app now sucks @$$

  157. From Switzerland says:

    Ugliest emoticons ever. Do you reckon Lync is programmed in a similarly ugly way?

  158. julia says:

    I have to add my name to the list – the emoticons are truly awful – the ones that include a face are sinister beyond belief ( especially open mouth smiley ) and most of the others are unrecognisable. What I thought was the ar de triumph is apparently a
    gift with a bow and a factory with burning chimneys is a film strip. I could have created these in the 1970s with my etch a sketch. Please revert to the originals

  159. Toothless says:

    WTF??!! How in the hell did these emoticons get passed User Acceptance Test. What prompted MS to change the emoticons ??

  160. Rob says:

    Is this what happens when you let developer validate there own code in Agile?? How this ever got through validation with what ever user group tested it. People keep asking me what the Emoticon meant that I sent…what is the point of having this function
    at all if you are by design (and I do say that loosely) making it unusable. In new product development…what happened to the common sense approach "if its not broken, then don’t try to fix it"

  161. Good grief says:

    I can’t hold my tongue, I must join the others. How long must we live with these horrible emoticons?

  162. dani says:

    Indeed, new emoticons are awful! The designer, whoever he / she / they were, should be fired and never allowed to touch any end-user product!

    Black teeth or no teeth, I can’t decide which is worse…
    Also I can hardly tell what the new emoticon is supposed to show…

    At least allow the end-users to switch back to the previous versions PLEASE!

    What happened for me is that I had an issue with Lync synchronizing my status based on my Outlook calendar. None of the previously released patches fixed that problem, I tested several. With SP1 not only did this problem persist, I also got these awful new
    Users will simply install the older version…

  163. Trevor says:

    The handshake is gone… THE HANDSHAKE IS GONE!! Probably my most used emoticon, and that of my colleagues. So far, I’m the only one daft enough to update to SP1. Having showed my colleagues the new emoticons, they will not be following suit. Horrid design.
    Think I’ll downgrade.

    And to echo what another commenter said, text selection is completely messed up. When I click and drag to select, it’s just flashes the selection on and off until I release the mouse button… and voila! No text is selected. Change the emoticons back, and fix
    the bugs please.

  164. Martijn Wissink says:

    about the same flabbergasted feeling I had yesterday when Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the world cup football, I am now flabbergasted about the Lynch 2013 smilies. How could these have passed the quality checks of Micorsoft? They are so bad, it must be a
    joke, right? If I found a genielamp right now which gave me 3 wishes, I’d use one on firing the person approving these smilies…. unbelievable! Give us the old ones back! They were GREAT! ๐Ÿ™

  165. Luck-be-a-lady-2night says:

    I concur with all that are frustrated about the new emoticons….I can’ t find a word to express my displeasure enough. Another question (excuse me if it was answered above…time constrained here)…has anyone else noticed with the latest update that
    the internal phone numbers of your contacts disappeared too? You used to be able to hover your mouse over the contact name, or, over the phone icon, and their phone number would appear…no longer…not sure if it’s just an internal company snafu, or, if it
    has to do with the upgrade….noticed it happened at the same time as the emoticon debacle.

  166. krat says:

    I concur with all that are frustrated about the new emoticons…. The old ones made Lync meetings fun! Any word from Microsoft?

  167. Rob C says:

    Let me also express my displeasure…. ok, ok, total hatred from the new, loathesome and ugly emoticons. Bring back the old ones please!

  168. Michael C says:

    I was an occasional user of the old emoticons, but the new ones are unusable. Even leaving the aesthetics aside, from a purely interface-usability perspective, they are too homogeneous to be useful – if I receive one I have to lookup the meaning by hovering
    over the relevant emoticon in the full list. This to me is another example of the current trend to flatten and simplify the UI. However those changes are generally driven by a desire to remove Skeuomorphism from the UI. Emoticons in my view come into a completely
    different category of interface design as they convey emotion not function and are by definition symbolic. By abstracting and oversimplifying them, meaning is lost.
    If Microsoft insist on retaining the new ones, they should provide a tool tip with the meaning when the received emoticon is hovered over (please dont take that as a serious suggestion).
    And while I am at it – please, please allow the main window to be reduced to a size where it doesn’t take up 25% of my laptop screen. I still use a mouse and do not need a prodding-interface.
    Please note – I am impressed with the improved connectivity and Outlook/Exchange integration with each new update, but it seems to have been at the expense of the core instant messaging functionality. Don’t forget your roots!

  169. Steve says:

    So it has been almost half a year of customer complaints about the horrible emoticons and still nothing has been done? Come on Microsoft.

  170. Anthony says:

    We upgraded this week, and the awful emoticons are all anyone is talking about. You can’t even tell what some of the smileys are meant to be without hovering over them… Why make them so crude and ugly? I know Lync is a product for business, but if you’re
    going to have smileys at all, they should be fun. Or just don’t have them at all. Anything but this!

  171. Lynn says:

    Adding absolutely no value to this string of discussion but I HATE HATE HATE these emoticons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t MS have just left good enough alone??!?!?!

  172. Andy says:

    Is there actually anyone out there that like them. Surely there must be a way of reverting them back?

  173. Vick says:

    Please provide an option to revert to the old emoticons and even to upload additional sets.

  174. glen says:

    The cat has taken on fox-like qualities…it is distressing in the extreme ๐Ÿ™

  175. NaMo Supporter says:

    Never knew there were more people outraged by the new Lync emo’s than compared to the number of supporters of Modi in India ๐Ÿ˜€

  176. Travis says:

    Another voice that the new icons are terrible. Please provide a method to change them back!

  177. Rob says:

    This still seems to be the only place we can voice our opinion – thanks Richard for the sounding board. New emoticons are horrible – please bring back the old, and/or allow modification/import/substitution. Can we please get an official update on where
    this is going? Is there an official complaint or idea drop-box we can use?

  178. Rob R says:

    Just had these new emoticons forced on me by an enterprise-wide automatic update – they are truly horrible. They have no outline, which makes them look like potato prints.

  179. Like almost everyone else here, I hate these new emoticons. Our organisation only just updated to them and we still have the old Comminicator in place with the old icons. So as some of the old icons have actually disappeared e.g. the two hug emoticons
    have now gone, if someone on Communicator sends you a hug, you only get ({) or (})… Now that is a major compatibility fail between two of Microsofts own products. Still, it’s good to see Microsoft continue down the slide to obscurity and irelevance.

  180. Todd says:

    Emoticons are ridiculous! Who in their right mind would approve this change, and for WHAT possible reason!?
    Line spacing is terrible also.
    It seems MS’s mission is to change everything that was good, to bad. And configure all office apps to take up as much space as possible, with as much BRIGHT WHITE as possible, and remove the customization of these types of things wherever possible. This is
    what happens when the inmates start taking over the asylum.

  181. In reply to Todd… this is what happens when everyone starts emulating Apple as if they are the goose that laid the golden design egg.

    Maybe that’s why there is a sheep emoticon, because Microsoft just love to be sheep and follow the herd. Off the cliff if needs be.

  182. jan says:

    these emoticons are the worst thing since atom bombs and anthrax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey MS : You own skype!!! Maybe you forgot about that !?!?!? Skype has really great emoticons. Sim,ply use them in LYNC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. paul says:

    Ditto on the Skype recommendation – Skype always had wonderful animated icons, don’t you guys like own Skype (and their emoticons) now?

    I think at this point, it needs to be an option, ‘Classic Emoticons’ (for emoticons prior to 2013SP1), ‘Modern Emoticons’ (that’s most positive spin I can put on the current icons, or ‘Skype Emoticons.’

  184. Rob says:

    All I can say is wow. These emoticons suck.

  185. Lizzy says:

    So? this was not a joke right? I hate new emoticons, they suck! and it seems they are goinig to remain here

  186. abcd says:

    Why don’t you support themes for enoticons too ?

  187. whatever says:

    Who really cares about emoticons? Good grief. You guys have too much time on your hands.

  188. Viver says:

    Bring back old emoticons!!!!
    Bring back old emoticons!!!!
    Bring back old emoticons!!!!
    Bring back old emoticons!!!!
    Bring back old emoticons!!!!

  189. Kolchack says:

    "Who really cares about emoticons? Good grief. You guys have too much time on your hands."

    Do you imagine how many support calls have originated because of the confusion generated by the new emoticons?
    This change is costing money!

  190. Grimloc says:

    Very simple really…….an update is great…..when it address all facets of the product. As this is a communication tool…….you just ruined it by rolling back the emoticons to images that look like they’re from the 1990’s.

    It’s a complete failure an oversight from your design team. Listen up and provide a set that are better than your best!

  191. Lync User says:

    Yes, the emoticons are ugly. Please bring back the old ones!

  192. sheridan says:

    Richard Schwendiman is there any update on this? The emoticons are terrible and it looks like you haven’t provided an update since you said you would in May…

  193. Hawkzro says:

    (gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr)(gtr) just not the same ๐Ÿ™

    Bring it back please! please!! Pretty Please!!!

  194. Name Withheld says:

    The idea of emoticons in what is supposed to be a professional tool is questionable enough. The fact that you cannot suppress them, either en-masse or indivdividually, is even worse, I typed vendor(s) in a comment to be copied into an incident record and
    got vendor followed by a sleeping moon! Just as well the incident management tool doesn’t have emoticons !

  195. KM says:

    I can’t believe that someone looked at the old emoticons, and then looked at the new ones, said to themselves….yep, nailed it.

  196. Henning Andersen says:

    So this was addressed back in March and directed back to the Lync team.
    Now it is August and close to September and there is still no news on when the awful emoticons are getting replaced.
    They are not just terrible, they are scary. No teeth and just creepy looking.
    If MS can’t be bothered to make icons themselves, then open up for custom icon packs, at least so I don’t have to look at the nasty "smileys".

  197. OMG terrible emoticons! My colleague sent me a handshake emoticon, and I was like what is this, as it wasn’t displayed as emoticon, but text… Come on guys, you need to fix this!

  198. FtT says:

    Where are the new emoticons???

  199. HotShot says:

    With all the billion$ that M/S has made over the years, brother Bill paid how much to the Lynx team to come up with the latest Lynx emoticons? All of the Lynx team members need to go back to graphics design class & come up with a new set or revert back
    to pre-SP1.

  200. Meneim says:

    OMG wipe off the face of the earth these HORRIBLE DISGUSTING emoticons already!!! Can’t you realize we want the old ones back?!! And yes I agree, fire the douchebag who approved this change, seriously, what a monumental FAIL. God dam it MS, can you at
    least PRETEND to listen to your customers????

  201. LongtimeLyncUser says:

    Please – give us our old emoticons back! Those of us who use them do because they are expressive and fun. The new ones are not animated, and don’t reflect what I’m feeling. If you want to improve the icons, add more fun animated ones to that existing palette.
    Please, please, please….

  202. Simen says:

    I LIKE THE NEW EMOTICONS. Why so much hate. I like flat style icons. Much more modern

  203. Ada says:

    HORRIBLE emoticons!!!! Fire the designers right now and give us old ones back!!!

  204. Emmanuel says:

    In Lync conversation window, I wish there was a setting to reduce the space between the conversation lines. There is a lot of space lost due to the size of the picture and the name next to it. This indents all the text most than it should. Furthermore,
    the space between lines is really not necessary, and again reduces the useful text displayed.

  205. WBR says:

    Another HATER of the "new" emoticons. In a professional environment they look kindergarten like.

    Honest, how oh how did they get past QA? They are simply awful and suggest a total lack of attention to detail. Makes the IT department here wonder what else has been botched in the software.


    I didn’t serve in ‘Nam for this.

  207. Jon says:

    Emoticons are the worst ever. I don’t even that the graphics were this bad in the 90s. Our office recently switched to office and in my opinion Lync is just horrible. The worst messaging program ever. People are sending emails with messages in the subject
    line to avoid using it. The funniest is when people type 401(k). They get 401 and the lips emoticon.

  208. Andy says:

    Well September 2014 update for Lync 2013 (KB2889860) got released and still no patch for these horrendous emoticons, nor any response from Microsoft. Ignoring this issue will not make it go away.

  209. Android Developers says:

    Emoticons are looking nice. Thanks for giving this.

  210. DanQ says:

    that last row of new emoticons is useless, and that’s why some emotis were removed, to make space for those new ones. Still ugly, flat and no longer should be called emoti anything – no emotion conveyed…

  211. Samwell says:

    Ugh. Installed Lync 2013, emoticons suck. No longer use. Hate it when someone else IM’s me with them.
    Upgraded Office from 2010 to 2013, Lync emoitcons returned to older format. Yeah.
    Today, 9-18-14 they are the new ones again. They are emoticons, meaning that they describe your emotions. This new set sucks, because none of them visibly describe what they are supposed to.

  212. Lia says:

    Emoticon trauma!! – Upgrade?? Really???

  213. krat says:

    Why is it so hard to go back to the old emoticons? You also can’t add your own. Heaven forbid making work fun. Even Skpe has cool ones. Why can’t we use those?

  214. SomeGuy says:

    Terrible emoticons, can’t maintain window sizing and position between chats, tons of wasted space in various places, hard to understand buttons with random weird symbols on them…I could go on and on. Lync 2010 was BETTER than 2013, how the eff is that

  215. PW says:

    Google Hangouts has better emoticons than this and that is quite the insult. Stop changing things for the sake of change.

  216. Peter from the Netherlands says:

    Hi Richard,

    While the Lync team is working on new Emoticons (hopefully) could they also look at the CUT/PASTE functionality. If I try to cut a piece of conversation from one Chat to another Chat more often than not I get additional text which was located above what I had
    marked out, and sometimes not even a single letter of the marked text is in my PASTED text.

    I’ve already voiced my dislike of the incompatibility with XL, again Cutting and Pasting something from XL strips many of it’s cosmetic feastures and make is illegible.

    Also, cutting an pasting from XL quickly gives you the "MESSAGE IS TOO BIG" error!!! what is that about, is this a way to make Instant messaging less usefull and get folks to mail more instead? XL-Cuts are larger in data, but not ususally in text content..
    why can’t the tool see the difference?

    Again, I never had such issue on Office Communicator… it already started to get worse on Lync 2010, but 2010 feels like a blessing when compared to 2013. How is this possible?

    Even though I’m passionate about the Emoticons, the Cut and Paste errors and message size limit are a lot more serious in a professional bugs in an office environment.

    Thanks for addressing them.

  217. Memo de Atenas, Costa Rica says:

    I noticed comments about EMOTICONS since March and nothing have happen. MS, please, take sirious this comments. This peolpe is the one who made possible your paychecks. Solve the problem at ones and keep going with others issues on the company. Don’t you
    understand, so many complains, something is happening !

  218. Jonty says:

    We surveyed 100 IT Consultants and 98 of them agreed that the emoticons were horrid and should revert to pre-SP1 emoticons.
    Does Microsoft even care??? What is the point of this forum anyway???

  219. krat says:

    Any status on reverting of the emoticons to the animated, unambiguous & friendly pre-SP1 ones, We all grip about them in our meetings and chats.

  220. BKelly says:

    Agreed, the emoticons are terrible. Also the colors in Outlook are horrid. Dreary and drab. Give us more color options please. I want at least the black back that was in 2010, at least that gave good contrast. The gray variations are hard on the eyes and

  221. DM says:

    I can’t believe Microsoft actually allowed these emoticons to be delivered. I don’t have a Windows phone but i’ll bet money on it they have many more likeable icons. These turned muddy and they took some away. Just doesn’t make any sense.

  222. Vesterbobatang says:

    Seriously Microsoft. these Emoticons are terrible. Absolutely awful! Let me guess, someone got a promotion over this change? Am I right? Someone thought this was a good idea and got a promotion?

  223. ATM says:

    Sigh, yes… ugly, ugly emoticons. Come on MS, in this day and age? Give users the ability to edit, import, save, etc. CUSTOMIZATION for something as simple as emoticons should be basic.

  224. ATM says:

    Oh, and maybe integrate spell checking? ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. Valerie says:

    Is there some way to download some usable ones? I agree the current ones are crap – but nothing seems to be being done about it considering how long these comments have been posting….

  226. MCDONNS says:

    Just moved over to Outlook and Lync having spent many corp years with Lotus Notes & Sametime, not sure why I expected any better. Notes could reply or reply with history and ST could transfer files & screen scrapes. Emoticons remind me of my old Sinclair

    What doesn’t surprise me is the lack of any sort of response from MS

  227. MCDONNS says:

    Although the share window is a nice function

  228. SMPDave says:

    October and they still don’t care about emoticons….doesn’t surprise me but people on here keep posting for help. MS doesn’t care…..

  229. liz says:

    Our company just switched to the latest Lync…….everyone is sad about the emoticons…but can’t even express their sadness because there are only microscopic smileys with black holes for mouths.

  230. 2013user says:

    I think office 2013 is Microsoft’s way of telling people they just don’t hire competent people anymore.

  231. spooky! says:

    those emoticons scare me! please, exorcise these nasty beasts!

  232. Daniel P. says:

    Terrible emoticons. And even some removed?! Wtf.

  233. Bob Hyatt says:

    Vile! Everything MS has changed has become absolutely painful to look at! What are you thinking? – strike that.. ARE YOU THINKING?

  234. Rasmus A. Kjaer says:

    How can "downgrade" the smileys so much? They look like smileys on my phone i had 10 years ago…..

  235. Seonaid D. says:

    I have to catch my breath going up stairs and I’m still in better shape than these awful emoticons

  236. Tim Blake says:

    Being as it’s been almost a year now, I highly doubt they will be updating these atrocious emoticons. We will most likely be forced to wait for the next version of Lync. ๐Ÿ™ They really are awful though….

  237. Melanie Whalen says:

    That is sad news indeed Tim!

  238. randy says:

    My reaction is the same as all the others have been posting, as our company rolls out the Lync upgrade to 2013. Now, if I could only find a These Suck emoticon. The ๐Ÿ˜› looks like he’s about to spew so maybe the idea was to double up the new selection.

    As with many others, I use emoticons in many global IM’s to convey some meaning behind the text. Pretty sad approach folks.

  239. Bnine says:

    Bring back old emotes or we riot!!!!

  240. Sean says:

    The new emoticons are FUGLY!!!!! My dog could arrange dog food bits on the floor into better emoticons than these……

  241. Emotiwaaat says:

    that is pathetic

  242. lee says:

    Doesn’t it seem obvious that the same person is commenting on bad emoticons each time?

  243. Cho says:

    If you’re sent a "hug" from 2010 it looks like a boob in 2013. This is devastating. To most people.

  244. emhs says:

    Must agree. How any company could "upgrade" their emoticons this way is unbelievable. It may be a small thing but people tend to use them a lot in conversation and it’s really bush league. And no, Lee, I’m not the same person.

  245. barb2 says:

    Joining the chorus here… The new ones are DREADFUL.

  246. Gabriel says:

    Yes please revert to the old emoticons!

  247. Mpower says:

    Skype for Business will fix this right?

  248. John says:

    Please please please give users a way to disable the keyboard shortcuts. I sometimes insert a stupid emoticon into a professional conversation where I totally don’t want it. Today I inserted a beer. I admit I type fast and make mistakes, but who doesn’t?
    This is txting after all. I hate that I can’t disable this "feature" er huge annoyance.

  249. ThereIsOnlyOneAnswer says:

    I’m not sure MS have any people left who are skilled enough to fix this or even skilled enough to craft a useful and honest response to all of these negative comments. And anyway, does it care. MS now have all of it’s customers completely locked in and
    those customers/prisoners have no choice now and can only moan about the conditions. They can’t actually DO anything about it. You’re better off setting up an escape committee in the mess room than you are moaning and expecting the governor to change anything.
    See you all in the yard for exercise, then back to the XCells.

  250. Mary IT Specialist says:

    What is up with these horrible emoticons. What happened to the great animated emoticons. These are ugly, so small you can’t see them. This is a giant step back in my opinion. I love Lync, but get the great emoticons back.

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  252. David says:

    Agree w/ comments re: emoticons. Are there no graphic designers working at MS?

  253. Devashish says:

    It is amazing that an update actually managed to sabotage so many good things in this official communicator! The new emoticons are depressing and are so tiny that selecting them too is a pain. Please do revert them back.
    Other terrible issues with Lync 2013 that made my company roll back >5000 PC deployments to the older version are:
    – no option to permanently bold and italicize IM fonts. you need to select these controls each time, for each conversation. awful!
    – hover over a contact to call is GONE! now you need to dbl-click any contact to call him. awful!

    these are just a few! the bugs and major irritants are endless! Come on MS! Please dont do this. We’ve had faith in you for so long. DOnt let us down with these silly oversights and bugs. Please fix ASAP!

  254. Erudite Luddite says:

    Arrived here after Googling "horrible lync emoticons". Take them away. Please. Who decided to make the *running* man STATIC?! Madness! And to make matters worse, he now runs the WRONG way (who runs off the screen to the left I ask you??). In all seriousness,
    they are now cryptic. And plain crap.

  255. Steph says:

    I don’t like the UI at all. It wastes to much space everywhere.

  256. ali says:

    Worst emoticons ever! Nuff said.

  257. DG says:

    I thought i was a bit pathetic with my disappointment with the ‘new’ emoticons. After all, it’s a business tool and maybe not the place for smileys. How delighted am I to find the rest of the world hates them too!! I’d have added a Smiley to this if he
    wasn’t so toothless and scary lol

  258. BC says:

    Are you people really complaining about emoticons? You all need a life or a hobby.

  259. NS says:

    I’m so happy that all of these comments exist. I work in a very large corporate environment and every person I have talked to about these new emoticons hates them. Sick smily looks like Bane, angry face looks like it has braces, ugly ugly ugly normal smilies,
    ๐Ÿ˜› looks just scary, "sleepy" looks like a mask from the movie Scream, I mean seriously… what were they thinking? I miss the hugs, the pooping sheep, the old (H) and ๐Ÿ™‚ and animated crying. Why would anyone think such ugly, childish, and disturbing emoticons
    as these are useful or appropriate in a workplace?

  260. barb2 says:

    BC: When you use Lynch to communicate with team members 8-10 hours/day, having decent emoticons can improve the mood (when used judiciously of course). MICROSOFT!! These are nasty. Please replace them – or give us the option to customize.

  261. Srini says:

    Our organization recently moved to new lync and I accept, the emoticons are worst. I have been using chat software in office for a very long time and this is the worst that I have seen. Microsoft please provide options for this at the earliest. I can see
    that you have had feedback from 1 year ago. Is it that difficult to change it? Or did someone’s kid (who is way high up in the foodchain) draw these and you guys cant change them???

  262. magicalyak says:

    I agree with the emoticons, please put them back, that should be something that changes under the covers. Old ones were better but in all honesty I didn’t use them a lot but definitely am not encouraged to now.

  263. bvdk says:

    OMG this is terrible! Especially the sheep and the running guy. It looks like the guy is fisting the sheep! This is very sick!!

  264. rd says:

    That’s correct bvdk. But the reality is that you do this all the time….

  265. annoyed says:

    please bring back my emoticons!!!! the toothless ones are EXTREMELY UGLY and CREEPY! What is wrong with the designer?! Did Microsoft hire a 10 yr old to draw these icons???

  266. TripleTransAm says:

    Apologies to the blog owner for the "hate". I’ll avoid sharing some of the jokes my wife and I have been exchanging as she has just upgraded her workstation to this version of Lync after many years of us using the previous (2010?) edition. As far as functionality
    goes: The windows have huge icons, the window size has a minimum which is too large, the photos that pop up when someone communicates with you are HUGE… I mean, if I’m sitting with someone or am sharing my screen, I don’t want others knowing who’s just initiated
    a communication. The main window itself is huge… I can fit 10-11 contacts on an HD monitor. I understand that there are plenty of aging people in the workforce but we really don’t need this sort of crutch! (although the toothless smilies may imply something
    about our missing dentures…) Seriously, I have no idea how this product compares to others "under the hood" so it may in fact be world-class as far as robustness goes, but for the people actually using it, the old Lotus Sametime from many years back seems
    to surpass this version of Lync by a LONG SHOT. That is, after all, the main purpose of productivity tools, no?

  267. Lorie says:

    cmon for many of us emoticons at work are all we have for fun…..please bring back our fun…..

  268. tom says:

    I just got upgraded to Lync 2013 at work, and the first thing I noticed are those horrible new early 90’s emoticons. They’re boring, not fun anymore, and look like they were drawn by a 3 year old. Any updates, Richard? The disappointing part is that even
    if MS updated them, who knows when my company would actually install the new update.

  269. shashi says:

    Here’s another vote for the old emoticons. Everyone in my office is horrified at our inability to hug a woolly sheep! People were really attached to the cute icons and are quite upset now.

  270. Pule says:

    Come on MS, don’t be like Mogabe in Zimbabwe.
    Please listen to us and fix these emoticons.

  271. Mal_CS says:

    Just wonder….how could this pass the releases test !!??? horrible emoticons……how can I get this back to old emoticons…. ๐Ÿ™

  272. D says:

    MS – happy 1 year anniversary of terrible emoticons. Yes it’s been over a solid year now, and no action from MS whatsoever. Also I think Richard abandoned this thread/cause about 10 months ago.

    That being said, I found one workaround for the new icons: close my eyes and pretend they’re not there

  273. r says:

    Re: Terrible emoticons
    One must not mistake motion for progress

  274. Fees says:

    "New" emoticons are terrible! My company just began upgrading us all to Lync 2013, and now I’m stuck with these horrible things!

  275. Steven says:

    Seriously? More then a year has passed without any answer or solution??
    Way to go MS… This is unbelievable…
    Frankly I don’t really care about the old or new, but I hate the fact that there are way too few emoticons to express everything. Especially since Skype and Windows Phone have plenty… way can’t they just be used in Lync? Doesn’t make any sense…

  276. JM says:

    Exactly! What in hell are those images? Microsoft is so screwed around themselves you can figure out were a developer ass starts and another face ends. Take your heads out of your butts and pay attention to the outside. Everyone is moving on.

  277. RohanF says:

    Try the new Skype for Business Technical Preview. It is an update for Lync 2013 & has got smileys from the original Skype with animation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. Andy says:

    Seconded, Skype for business puts an end to all this bullish*t

  279. Nando says:

    These emoticons are so terrible. How did this get released? Does Microsoft ever look at what competing products are doing? If you compare the emoticons and ability to copy and paste screenshots to Lotus Notes Sametime, Lync is a joke. Sametime allows to
    you to do screen captures, markups, and paste full size right from the chat clien into the client, with Lync you need to open the snipping tool, then capture, then paste into the window, where the other user can only see a thumbnail, which they use to download
    the image and then open in another application (MS picture manager if you have office 2010..). Sametime allows you to add custom emoticons, even animated .gif emoticons.

    Microsoft doesn’t even have to be innovators, at least just copy what other companies are doing. At least do some basic product comparisons before you release. Even the MS Snipping tool is missing a bunch of basic features found in other similar tools… Get
    it together Microsoft!

  280. Cammy says:

    The running man used to be fully clothed, now he is nothing but bones. What happened to the fully grown fluffy sheep? His fleece is gone. Don’t get me started on that gummy-mouth one on the top row. What happened to the one with the zipper mouth? He’s
    gone. Afraid the zipper would look too much like teeth, eh? What do you have against teeth?!

  281. julia says:

    I really like the emoticons. The new ones. I hated the old ones. I’m not sure why everyone hates them. The new ones are way cuter and easier to look at.

  282. The Reality says:

    Bottom line: the word emoticon I’m presuming means something to do with emotions. So when we as individuals have to express an emotion we are being limited to 80 type of emotions and of those 80 like 90% of them are lame and useless. What kind of emotion
    could some of us use a sheep for? Actually, never mind… Anyways, In this day and age its simply unacceptable to not have a more extensive library or offer an optional ‘pack’ to download – to not allow the freedom to incorporate your own emoticons – and also
    not use animated .gif’s. Hopefully MS Skype will address these shortcomings and more and allow people to communicated more effectively.

  283. Sylvain says:

    Dont like the new look nor the emoticons, for the rest it works fine. At work we dont use the new emoticons…awful

  284. Anonymous says:

    Instant Messaging (and later, voice/video calling) has been with us, in the corporate world, for 15 years

  285. lloving says:

    I hate the new emoticons . Please revert ASAP

  286. EmotiKing says:

    Just got downgraded to Lync 2013 from 2010 and first thing I noticed – the worst emoticons I’ve ever seen! That and the giant pictures that popup when you call someone have made me want to abandon Lync. WHO in QC/QA approved this update?!?!?!

  287. Still An Issue says:

    We just received a push of LYNC and everyone at the office is talking about how much they hate it all…. EMOTICONS are the worst, Just a terribly thought out update, I thought I needed to review my ownership of Microsoft, now its at the top of my list.
    Very sad indeed

  288. nick says:

    I love these emoticons!

  289. Doug says:

    Graeme put it PERFECTLY "These Lync emoticons suck. They look as though they were drawn with Magic Markerยฎ on toilet paper." They suck big time.

  290. Chetna1 says:

    Hi Richard Schwendiman/MS,

    I agree with "Peter from the Netherlands" comments on copy paste option in Lync.
    Its difficult to copy anything from lync and paste it, It copies additional text as well.
    The only way to select a portion of text is to use keyboard arrow keys, which is possible on only your desktop or laptop, where in now a days people use smart phones for lync.
    any solution for this would be appreciated.
    Also, i agree emoticons are badly designed, no animation left. For examples, there is still eye rolling emoticon in Lync 2013, but eyes are not rolling anymore, baring teeth smiley – there are no teeth, embarrassed smiley from no way look like it represents
    Agree that Lync is a great tool for inter company communication.
    But now a days emoticons are an integral part of any communication.
    Its just the quality of the product, if you say its an eye rolling smiley, eyes should be rolling itsn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Any change in this would be appreciated.


  291. Peter from the Netherlands says:

    so the Answer in short is that nothing was ever done to improve Lync any further because it’s being replaced by Skype for Business. Let’s see what that looks like once my business OK’s it for roll-out.

    I hope it has better cut-paste support, and a less stringent message size limit.

  292. Matt says:

    I searched for "Lync ugly emoticons" and got here. They are really ugly!

  293. Joboo says:

    We just transitioned over to Lync (from Office Communicator), and everyone I work with is annoyed by the useless emoticons.

    Richard – this has been a common, if not unanimous, theme since you posted this a year ago, and obviously nothing has changed. You have posted in the past year about getting this page to the right people. Has that ever been done? Does Microsoft have any awareness
    of the customer dissatisfaction this has caused?

  294. FoaRyan says:

    I love how there’s a year’s worth of comments from all sorts of people expressing how much they dislike the emoticons. People, obviously Microsoft does not listen or care, otherwise they would have changed it by now!

    As for people getting passionate over something silly like smiley faces, it’s probably just the sentiment that many of us have that Microsoft doesn’t really care what we think. "The product works, what’s wrong with you people wanting it to look pretty?!!"

  295. Jason says:

    It seems the bad emoticons are due to Microsoft transitioning to the "minimalistic" view for everything, which is a very bad change in my opinion. If i wanted static single color displays, I’d stick with a green, orange, or gray dumb terminal! I thought
    technology was improving!

  296. :( says:

    I think the inspiration for the emojis were cavemen paintings. Change them please!

  297. Mad Markie says:

    Lots of things suck about the new Lync. One, the User Interface is sterile and unimaginative. Two, I have to hover over basic looking icons to figure out how to do anything, copy and paste more than a few lines will result in your text being reduced to
    a "read more" link to expand it, and three the emoticons do suck – everyone at firm seems to feel the same way.

  298. + says:

    Is anyone at MS reading this – are we all wasting our time – let add my own emoticons……….

  299. Rich says:

    The emoticons are dreadful It seems like a real step backwards… Please fix this MS

  300. Shelley says:

    Dear Microsoft,
    The emoticons in your 2013 release of Lync are hideous.

  301. Woolfe says:

    Just moved from Office Communicator to Lync 2013. Damn. It is UGLY. Ugly Ugly Ugly. Uses way more space than necessary. Has the stupid "flat" look that seems to be the current trend, has way too much spacing in the conversations(I am spending a lot of
    time scrolling up and down now), and has those terrible ugly flat emoticons. What happened to the old MS who had choice. Why are you copying Apple’s stupid ways.

  302. Rob (the other one) says:

    Lync 2010 was okay… at least it worked. Lync 2013 is a joke. Everything from cut/copy and paste, to remote sessions with multiple monitors being a PITA (if you change focus to a local app, then go back to the lync session, the friggen computer dings
    at you until you click off of Lync, then back in. This was NOT an issue in 2010) to the asinine emoticons. I truly loath Lync 2013, especially the emoticons. We are a global company, as well, and the smileys are useless. It’s embarrassing. It’s also appalling
    that a company can take a decent product and upgrade with garbage, and call it a day.

  303. man says:

    these emoticons really suck….like really bad. really upset and let down going from 2010 to 2013. the emoticons from 2010 made me happy when i was feeling stressed and expressed whatever i was feeling easy…with these 2013 emoticons i don’t feel happy
    nor relieved

  304. Also, Richard Schwendiman says:

    I’ve read this whole thread and still yet to see an update from Microsoft? Is emoticons a serious matter to them or is it just something that will be shrugged off and have to deal with? Please let us know. Thank you.

  305. to be honest says:

    microsoft doesn’t care

  306. Thorin says:

    Having just "upgraded" from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013, I can state without a hint of doubt or hesitation it is the most terrible "upgrade" I’ve ever seen for a piece of software. You take a perfectly good user experience, make it ugly and terrible, and add
    friction to many important user scenarios and use flows. I now positively hesitate to use Lync, and will at any point where I have the chance, choose another collaboration tool over Lync. The emoticons simply confirm this overall frightful experience. When
    introducing change to any piece of productivity software, please bring in someone like me to tell you the change is horrible, to avoid a disastrous fall in reputation and trust. Yikes….!

  307. :( says:

    Horrible emoticons. SP1 was bad though too… who in MS approved going from bad to worse!? *frustrated smiley*
    SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3! SP3!

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