Lync 2013 Client Office Customization Tool (OCT) Error

**Update - If you create your package and follow the instructions located under Add/Modify Shortcut ( you should be fine.**

One of my customers recently came across a weird error message launching the Lync 2013 client. They sent me an email saying after we deployed the Lync 2013 client in our environment we started getting the message below.

“The specified address is not recognized or does not exist. Please verify the address and try again. If you do not know the correct syntax for this address, contact your support team.”

They stated that if they clicked OK the Lync client would login and the message wouldn’t appear until they logged in again. Through some information gathering and troubleshooting we found that they packaged the Lync 2013 client using the Office Customization Tool (OCT). Through this package they created a desktop shortcut. This icon was the cause of the error message and if they launched Lync 2013 form the start menu icon the client launched without the error message. We are currently looking into how we can create this desktop shortcut without generating the error. I will update when we find a solution.

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  1. @Leo @Henrik – if you follow the instructions located @…/cc179097.aspx you shouldn't have this problem. If the icon is hardcoded with the paths from the user that created it this will occur.

  2. Henrik Börjesson says:

    Any update?

    best regards

  3. Leo Nardinho says:

    Any update please….fixed?

  4. Str1ct says:

    this not fixed, this is a bug with OCT and lync (basic).  the problem is you cannot modify or add the lync icon without it automatically populating the arguments field with whatever content is found in the 'start in' field.  this has very odd behavior.  if you try to add it switches from [linc 2013] to [lynccorefiles].  this is a bug, that microsoft will need to address.  maybe the issue does not exist in the full version?  the only work around i found, was not to modify the default lync icon at all.

  5. VirtualizeMe123 says:

    Is there any update on the OCT shortcut modification issue?

  6. willam Ulloa says:

    when I create an installer with OCT, to set silent mode, it is possible to install all components Lync, exept Lync.exe.
    I could help please.


  7. pszed44 says:

    I have the same problem … when i try to install Lync2013 SP1 with adminfile … Lync doesn’t install …
    Any Idea ???

  8. Joe says:

    Any idea… i have this with Skype for Business 2016 also

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