Question the PFE: March 2013 Edition

**Update - Per the Exchange Team Blog ( Exchange 2013 RTM CU1 is currently planned for an April 2nd release.

Question 1:

I want to deploy Exchange 2013. Can I do this now that 2010 SP3 is out?

PFE Answer1:

Short answer is “Not if you want to be supported”. Although Exchange 2010 SP3  is prerequisite in the existing environment Exchange 2013 CU1 is still required to be supported. This should be released by the end of 2013 Q1. If you are deploying Exchange 2013 in a Greenfield (No existing Exchange products) environment then you don’t have to wait for CU1.

Question 2:

How do I take advantage of High Resolution photos with Lync 2013?

First of all let’s take care of the prerequisites. You must have an Exchange 2013 mailbox and also Lync Server 2013. Once your users are on both of these versions the process is fairly simple. You basically just upload the picture via OWA or script (below). This will upload the picture to the Root of the users mailbox (648x648 pixels) and also to AD (48x48 pixels). Once you do this we can verify by either opening Lync 2013 client, Options, My Picture or go to the EWS url (

Upload Photo

$photo = ([Byte]] $(Get-Content -Path "C:\Photos\RSchwendiman.jpg" -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0))

Set-UserPhoto -Identity "Richard Schwendiman" -PictureData $photo -Confirm:False

Set-UserPhoto -Identity "Richard Schwendiman" -Save -Confirm:False


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  1. @David –

    Not really sure anyone knows 100% for sure if the release will meet the deadline by the end of the week. I know the Exchange Team is working diligently to get this released ASAP. Even if they miss the deadline it won't be by much. With any Exchange version recently you cant do an In-Place upgrade but rather a side-by-side migration. You will install SP3 on all existing 2010 servers and then introduce 2013 into the environment on new equipment or VMs and cutover. The announcement of 2013 CU1 will be made via the Exchange Team Blog with links for the download just like other updates. Since CUs are now major versions it will probably be another ISO. Hope this helps.

  2. @David – Yes the same way it was going from 2k3 -> 2k7, 2k7 -> 2k10, and now 2k10 -> 2k13.

  3. David says:

    Q1 2013 ends this week. We assume there are no delays to CU1 then.

    Will CU1 allow upgrade of existing 2010 Exchange Server (client and mailbox role in one machine)?

    How will we get CU1? We run Exchange 2013 installation and select check for internet updates and it should download it – or we have to download a new ISO?

  4. David says:

    So you are saying that even when CU1 is released, in-place upgrade won't be supported/available?

    You will still have to install a second server with Exchange 2013 and migrate your data there – then cutoff the Exchange 2010 installation (I assume through uninstall)?

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