Lync 2013 Persistent Chat (Lab Environment)

I started to extend my lab to include Lync 2013 last week and ran into a problem. After getting a Standard Edition pool installed everything was working great. Then I decided I wanted to do some testing on a new Persistent Chat pool since some of my customers are interested in this updated service. Here is where I ran into a very simple problem that took me awhile to troubleshoot.

So I configured the Persistent Chat pool in Topology Builder and published the topology. Since this this a lab I am going to collocate the PChat pool on the SE Server (not supported but this is a lab environment). I also collocated the PChat database on the Default SQL instance I had on the SE server. When I went to the Deployment Wizard, Install\Update Server System, Setup\Remove Lync Server Components and clicked Run. Everything was installing properly and then when it went to Install-CSDatabase it failed. There error said something about database file locations and please check that the SQL instance is online. I don’t have a screenshot because I closed the web window and didn’t save the
file 🙁

At this point I checked that all the SQL components were running and I was able to connect. Then I verified all services were healthy on the SE server. Checked all the log files and just saw the same vague message as above. I also check disk space which I had about 14GB free which is enough right? Wrong. I did some research and it turns out that in order to install this DB there needed to be at least 16-18gb free on the DB drive. The crazy thing is the install of the DB took up very minimal space. I increased the DB drive by 20GB and the install went through no problem. There isn’t much documentation on this besides the help file stating the hardware requirements for Front End Servers, Back End Servers, Standard Edition Servers, and Persistent Chat Servers need 72GB of space.

Hopefully this saves someone the 2hrs I spent messing around with this issue.

FYI...I will be doing a post on Lync 2013 Persistent Chat in the near future.

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  1. rahul says:

    Thanks for sharing, I had also tried this but unable to find any solution at last i got your post….

    And it’s resolve 🙂


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